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Vivun Raises $75M serial C Funding



Vivun Raises $75M serial C Funding

Vivian, ​​an Oakland, CA-based global provider of Buyer Experience (BX) software, raised $75M serial C funding.

The round was led by Salesforce Ventures, with participation from new investor Tiger Global also as full participation from existing investors Menlo Ventures, Accel, and weird Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to replicate its North American success across EMEA while continuing to take a position in the core products and AI capabilities.

Led by co-founder & CEO Matt Darrow, Vivun provides a Buyer Experience (BX) software platform, which leverages AI to enable B2B businesses to meet the demands of today’s sales-proof buyers, differentiate from the competition, and accelerate revenue. Its flagship product, Hero, helps scale Presale’s impact with buyers, deal strategy, and product fit. Its second product, Eval, enables companies to partner with buyers in hands-on evaluations with transparency and trust. Additional products are going to be launched.

Leaders at Okta, Autodesk, Dell, Snowflake, Elastic, Fivetran, and Harness, high-growth startups also as publicly traded enterprises across hi-tech, telecom, manufacturing, and financial services verticals, are powering their buyer experiences with the platform.


Optimizing Your Order Fulfillment Process – A Step-By-Step Guide




Optimizing Your Order Fulfillment Process

If you are interested in optimizing your order fulfillment process, there are several steps that you can take. You can use a hybrid approach to fulfilling orders or implement automation into your system. Regardless of your chosen strategy, ensuring that your customers receive a positive experience is the most important thing.

Automated order-picking systems

A well-organized order-picking system will improve the efficiency of your warehouse. In addition, it will keep you on track to fulfilling orders.

When it comes to automated warehouse order-picking systems, there are a variety of options. Whether you have a small or large warehouse, these solutions will help your workers pick and pack your orders precisely.

With the rise of eCommerce, the order-picking process has become more competitive. The increased demands of consumers have made it more critical for companies to have a fast delivery time and a high order mix. It means you must have a system that can handle many orders simultaneously.

Using robotic forklifts or collaborative mobile robots will enhance the speed at which you move inventory. It will also reduce the time your workers spend moving products around the warehouse.

Order picking can be one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of a warehouse’s fulfillment operation. An automated system will eliminate mistakes during the picking process and improve overall efficiency.

Another way to increase picking productivity is to minimize travel time. During picking, the selector may spend as much as sixty percent of their time walking. By implementing a consolidated order list, workers can stay on top of the number of orders they are picking and concentrate on the items they need to complete each order.

A hybrid approach to fulfillment

Consider using a hybrid approach to order fulfillment processes to grow your firm. It’s a versatile way to deal with supply shortages and satisfy client requests.

A third-party logistics provider (or 3PL) offers a dependable way to manage your e-commerce business’s inventory and shipping. They also provide technology integrations to help your business connect the dots between different fulfillment channels. With a reliable third-party logistics provider, you can save time and resources while ensuring your customers receive the products they need on time.

Hybrid fulfillment can be a smart move for businesses that are scaling fast and must find the most cost-effective means of delivering their products. The best part about this type of strategy is that it frees up your time and resource to focus on other aspects of your business.

Many e-commerce businesses are turning to outsourced fulfillment as a cost-effective way to streamline their operations. The benefits of this approach include a more efficient supply chain and a more flexible order fulfillment process. But while it can help businesses cut costs, it can also lead to unintended consequences.

One of the most common examples of hybrid fulfillment is using Amazon’s FBA service to fill orders. However, this method can take time and effort. It can also require you to pay multiple shipping labels and fees.

Minimize shipping zones

To maximize profit margins and deliver fast, efficient service to customers, it’s vital to minimize shipping zones. E-commerce stores can reduce delivery time and cost by strategically fulfilling orders.

Shipping zones are calculated from a package’s origin to the destination. Shipping costs increase as the distance from the warehouse to the customer increases.

Shipping rates depend on the package type, the box’s weight, and the carrier. Whether an e-commerce store needs to ship outbound or inbound packages, it’s essential to understand shipping zones. Knowing the impact of shipping zones can help a brand get a better picture of how long the box will take to arrive.

A well-planned order fulfillment strategy can be a powerful way to generate more sales. A multi-node approach can store inventory near popular order destinations and improve the process’s speed and efficiency.

For example, Amazon has warehouses across the country. Getting items to customers quickly and accurately can be difficult, however. The company is constantly looking to improve its order fulfillment process.

To determine the best fulfillment location, look at your past order history and pick the places with the high volume of orders. Look for warehouses or fulfillment centers near cities with high customer concentration. It will give your items the fastest transit times possible.

Customer service

The order fulfillment process is a crucial part of your customer service. When your customers get their packages on time, they are more likely to trust you and will return to you in the future. However, when they are not satisfied, they may look for a different store. Therefore, you must optimize your order fulfillment to ensure you deliver the highest possible satisfaction level.

Optimizing your order fulfillment process involves several steps. Firstly, you need to establish a clear list of expectations. It is essential to communicate with your customers when there are delays in the delivery of their orders. Please inform them of the delay as soon as you know. It allows them to work with the timelines you have set for them.

Next, you need to find a shipping carrier. These companies play a significant role in the shipping process and are also responsible for helping to keep your customers happy. If you can build a strong relationship with one of these providers, you will have the ability to get preferential rates and better services. Finally, you need to make sure that you are communicating effectively. After all, your customers are the ones who are paying for your services, and you will want to make them happy.

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4 Basis For Choosing Dealer Management System Providers




Dealer Management System Providers

Choosing the right dealer management system provider for your company depends on some factors. The main ones are ease of use, IT support, service management, and interconnecting all locations.

Service Management

Choosing a new dealer management system can be daunting for business managers and team members. You want to choose a system that helps your business reach its goals while maximizing your closed deals.

A sound dealership management system should provide you with tools to manage inventory, sales, service history, and invoices. It should also enable your sales team to manage their pipeline better and interact with customers. A good DMS will save your dealership money and improve its efficiency and customer experience. However, it would be best to determine how much your business needs a system before making a purchase. Also, you should evaluate the vendor’s reliability. You want to choose a vendor that will be around for years. You can choose an industry-specific or generic dealer management system, depending on your needs. Using generic software means you cannot tailor the system to your business needs. Custom software takes more time to develop and can be costly.

Some dealerships opt for generic systems because they offer generic features that will cover most of their business needs. However, consider buying custom software if you are a new business. A custom system can be tailored to your business and take a few months to develop.


Choosing the right provider from several dealer management system providers is crucial. Your chosen software should help you run your business more efficiently and grow. It should also allow you to stay on top of your transactions and manage your business’s information. Choosing a DMS provider can be challenging for many business owners and stakeholders. But the decision may be the only way to keep your dealership running effectively. When choosing a DMS provider, it is crucial to identify the specific problems you want to solve. You should also look for a system that is easy to use. A good system will make communicating with your team and customers easier. The system should also help you maximize closed deals. The ideal dealership system has features that make it easy to communicate with all departments. The system should also offer parts management. This is critical for profitability. It should allow you to keep track of your inventory, service history, and invoices for points of sale. The right dealership management system should also allow you to manage your appointments easily. The system should allow you to streamline customer interactions and eliminate senseless paperwork.

Logical Interface

Choosing the right dealer management system can be a challenge. There are several features to consider, from inventory to parts and service. A good system can help your dealership run smoother, which is a good thing. The right system can also increase your bottom line.

A well-designed system will streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling cars. It is also important to consider your staff’s morale since a poor system can affect your bottom line negatively. The software can also help you automate the selling and purchasing processes, resulting in fewer mistakes. You will also be able to save time and money with automated purchasing functions.

A good system also includes an interface to manage parts and services. This can help keep your parts department in check since a properly configured system can help you manage inventory levels and make ordering parts easy. A good system should also include a parts restocking process since a well-managed inventory will reduce your lead times and increase your profit margins.

IT Support

Whether purchasing a new software package or modifying an existing one, IT support is vital to a dealership’s success. With this support, your dealership may be up to par with other dealers. You should ensure that the software you choose has all the necessary features and that the vendor has a solid infrastructure. A good dealer management system should handle various tasks, from managing the parts department to keeping an inventory of vehicles. The system should also help the sales department close more deals. You should also look for software that has a secure environment and that provides training to allow staff to use the system effectively. This will help your business run more smoothly and increase efficiency. A good system will also help you save money. You should also ensure that the vendor has a strong support network that includes customer service. If you do not receive the support you need, your dealership will not be able to get the most from the software. If you are still determining the capabilities of a particular system, you should look for references to check the provider’s claims. This will help you get a good feel for how well the system will work for your dealership.

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The main mistakes when buying a laptop





For a laptop to serve you for many years, be responsible in choosing and buying it. It is very important to study the characteristics of different models and compare them with each other, but it is equally important to insure against possible mistakes that users make when buying computer equipment.


The computer store in Almaty Moon offers a wide range of laptops from reliable manufacturers. To make sure you make a good choice, contact our consultants, and first, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of typical mistakes that buyers are prone to.

Design is not the most important

Not only women sin with love for beauty – but men are also not averse to being tempted by stylish ultra-thin laptops from fashion manufacturers. When design gets in the way, performance gets overlooked.

If an expensive ultrabook is used in the office and moves home from time to time, it will not justify itself (especially since the characteristics of such models are not always up to par). However, you will need a thin trendy laptop on trips, business trips, and business meetings.

Harmful economy

Nobody likes to overpay, but budget laptops can not boast of RAM. As a rule, the stock of RAM for cheap models does not exceed 2 GB. And if you are lucky enough to find a budget laptop with 4 GB of RAM, do not rejoice ahead of time: most likely, the matrix or processor will be weak. This technique is suitable for surfing the Internet, watching videos, and installing simple programs, but you should not do all this at the same time, otherwise, the laptop will start to freeze.

Harmful waste

When purchasing a laptop, remember that a high price does not always guarantee the same quality. Often, a recognizable brand and additional options (backlights, touch screens, additional ports, etc.) add value to the product, without which you will lose little.


Does the power depend on the processor series?

Sometimes articles and product descriptions say that the power of a laptop depends on the processor series. This is not entirely true. In this case, the series does not play a decisive role: for example, the i7 series processors from Intel are very different from each other – from powerful gaming models to inexpensive options for simple ultrabooks.

To determine if a particular processor is right for you, consider not only the series, but also the generation (year of manufacture), version (as a rule, the higher the number, the more powerful the processor), modification (for example, for Intel, the letter U denotes standard power, and HQ – increased).

Is it possible to work autonomously for 12 hours?

Let’s not pull the intrigue: you won’t be able to work offline for 12 hours. Such a statement is just a marketing ploy. Perhaps the laptop will last 12 hours on its own, if not working at all, but even simple typing or surfing the sites reduces the claimed time by about a third.

Purchase on favorable terms in Kazakhstan

If you want to buy a laptop in Almaty or any other city, please contact the Moon computer equipment store. We offer original equipment from manufacturing companies in a wide range at affordable prices. To avoid mistakes when choosing a laptop, trust advertising and enterprising marketers less, carefully study the characteristics, and draw your conclusions!

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