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Best 6V Golf Cart Batteries Reviews



Perhaps you’re planning to buy a second-hand golf cart and want to check if its battery can still deliver quality performance or if you already have one you might be thinking of replacing it. Whatever the reason is, it’s always a nice idea to increase your knowledge on the kinds of golf cart batteries out there so when the time comes, you’ll be able to pick the most high-quality, long-lasting, and most durable one on the market.

Without further ado, here’s the round-up for the best 5 best 6V golf cart batteries we’ve honestly reviewed. Read on!

Let’s Compare the Top 5 Best 6v Golf Cart Batteries

1. VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Battery for Golf Carts, Solar Energy, Wind Energy.

What You Get With VMAXTANKS 6V 225Ah AGM Golf Cart Battery?

If all you want is a deep cycle battery for dry camping, then this one won’t let you down as it comes with high-end separators and unique plates that deliver a competitive performance compared to other known golf car batteries out there.

In addition, the drain rate in its storage condition is quite low, and thus you only need to check it once in a while. It is also sealed design with no maintenance needs across its lifespan so it is convenient and very safe to use.


  • Maintenance free operation
  • Heavy duty grids
  • Incorporated with electrolyte suspension system
  • Comes with reasonable price
  • Very durable and safe


  • A little bit heavy
  • Needs a brand charger

Top FAQs on this Unit

1. Can these be used in a motorhome application?

-Yes. They will work fine.

2. Is this a solar battery?

-It can be used with a solar charger.

3. Do I need to replace my RV battery charger with an AGM specified charger?

-If you’re not adding solar panels for charging your RV batteries, you can use your existing charger as long as it works well.

What Take on the VMAXTANKS 6V 225Ah AGM Battery:

This golf cart battery recharges fast and gives a steady trickle of energy. VMXTANKS is a good, basic, and cheap battery for charging based on a camping PV system to operate your lights and one or two small appliances in a single night.

In addition, you don’t need to get anxious about maintenance requirements or acid leaks since it’s an AGM battery. They are also much lighter compared to lead acid batteries with the same capacity.

And lastly, VMAXTANKS comes with an excellent warranty offer, and are known for lasting a year.

2. Qty 4 VMAX V6-225: 6.2kWh 24V AGM Solar Battery Bank for Home, RV, or Industrial (4) 6V 225Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries 6 Volt Maintenance Free

What You Get With Qty VMAX V6-225 Golf Cart Batteries?

This golf cart batteries from VMAX is capable of high reserve capacities and high deep cycles so that you can utilize in on certain equipment. A particular thing that makes this golf cart battery worth it is its electrolyte suspension system VMAX tanks.

These use an electrolyte suspension system that comprises of the absorbed glass mat technology so that you’re guaranteed of getting a maintenance-free golf cart battery. And lastly, you can get the battery when seeking for a sturdy type due to its heavy-duty lead-tin alloys that can deliver extra margin of service life and performance in cyclic and float applications.


  • Optimal power density and deep cycle capabilities
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate
  • Extreme weather, heat, and vibrations resistance
  • Incorporated with custom built military grade alloys
  • Doesn’t produce dangerous gases or fumes


  • Quite heavy
  • Needs a branded charger

Top FAQS on this Unit

1. Are each of these batteries 225a or all of them together?

-Each individual battery is 6V 225a.

2. Is it fine to wire 6 of these batteries in both parallel and series? If I can, what’ll be the total volts and Ah’s?

-The resulting voltage will depend on how you’ll wire them. For instance, two 6V batteries wired in series equals 12V. On the other hand, 3 sets of 2 each wired in parallel would give you a resulting 675Ah at 12 volts.

3. How many minutes is the reserve capacity for each battery?

-RC is the number of minutes a fully charged battery at 80 degree Fahrenheit is discharged at 25 amps before the voltage falls below 10.5 volts. If you want to convert RC to ampere-hours at a 25 amp rate, you can simply multiply RC by .4167.

4. What size are the battery posts?

-5/16 stainless

What Take on the Qty VMAX V6-225 Golf Cart Batteries:

Since this battery is made of top-notch plate separators and special plates, this is the battery to acquire if you want superior deep cycle capabilities and performance. In addition, this battery adopts and AGM electrolyte suspension system so you’ll have a battery with maintenance-free operation.

Furthermore, it has a low self-discharge rate. It also comes with quick charge deliver capabilities. The battery is also safe to use in small locations because it doesn’t release or spill harmful fumes. You can also mount it in any position because of its spill proof design

3. Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

What You Get with Trojan 6V Battery T-105?

This golf car battery is made to deliver high performance. It is also constructed to provide rugged sturdiness and outstanding capabilities. In addition, it is a reliable power source for other kinds of vehicles aside from golf cart.

Moreover, this battery fuses a thicker internal grid and a heavy density paste in order to make the T-105 have an exceptional performance. Also, it comes with a longer lifespan with less maintenance costs.


  • Incorporated with the latest battery technology
  • Offers the best amp-hour capacity
  • Can also be used in wind and solar electric systems
  • Comes with specially engineered deep-cycle cells that makes them degradation-proof
  • Best to boost the life of your golf cart motors as it comes with high-quality flooded lead-acid batteries


  • Demand high-maintenance
  • Should equalize charges constantly

Top FAQS on this Unit

1. How many minutes would 2 batteries together for 12 volt last at 25 amps discharge?

-65 minutes.

2. Are these batteries rechargeable?

-Absolutely! These batteries are deep-cycle and are utilized with extra batteries of the same model in parallel and series configurations.

3. If I purchase these to standby, how long can they last without charging?

-The limiting factor of battery’s lifespan is the rate of self-discharge on which itself is temperature dependent.

What Take on the Trojan 6V Battery T-105:

If you’re a consumer that values quality above everything else, then these batteries are the ideal pick for you. In fact, it is the most recent and most ergonomic batteries for golf carts.

While it offers long battery lifespan, it is also known to deliver the most economical cost per amp-hour. If you can maintain it well, you’ll be able to enjoy undisrupted use of these batteries and ride on your golf cart for an incredible play.

And lastly, as this battery is technically advanced and multi-purpose, they’ll be able to cater to a number of in-house functions. Trojan 6V Battery T-105 is quick and easy to charge but lose their power after continuous and long-term use.

4. NP6-225Ah 6V 225Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery Camper Golf Cart RV Boat Solar Wind Power / (2pcs)

What You Get with NP6-225Ah 6V 225Ah AGM Golf Cart Battery?

This particular battery concentrates more on quantity over the quality. You’ll get no less than two AGM batteries with this buy that can give you a high capacity of 225 Ah of power. This makes it a powerful battery for demanding and heavy-duty electrical needs.

In addition, the compact and small form factor of this battery makes it a perfect candidate for those who are restricted when it comes to storage space in their golf cart or RV. Also, because it’s an AGM deep cycle battery, it would be able to withstand shocks and vibrations really well.


  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, and CE Certified
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and vibrations
  • Compact and small, thus it doesn’t need a lot of space
  • You’ll get 2 units for the price of one
  • Very high capacity of 225Ah


  • Not so good warranty offer
  • Values quantity over quality

Top FAQs on this Unit

1. Can you connect in parallel and series both at the same time?

-Yes, you can.

2. If I wire these in series for 12 volt output, does the total system would equal to 220 amp hours x 2 or is it still 220Ah with 12 volt output?

-It would still only be 220 amp hours at 12V. Parallel doubles the Ah but keeps the voltage while series doubles the voltage and keeps the Ah.

3. Can these batteries be used and stored on their sides?

-Just to make sure, nope. They’re not leak-free.

What Take on the NP6-225Ah 6V 225Ah AGM Golf Cart Battery:

This golf cart battery is very affordable and durable. This is a 6V battery, and the complete package comes with 2 battery set.

If you want to get 12 volts of power output from this battery, you must link both these batteries in series. In addition to that, remember that the amp hour rating of the batteries will remain the same when linking the batteries in series.

All in all, if you pick this combo battery pack, you’ll be saving significant amount of money. Additionally, these golf cart deep cycle battery is cheaper compared to a one 225Ah deep cycle battery. Though it’s cheap, it can last longer than you think.

5. Universal Power Group UB62000 6V 200AH Battery for Champion M83CHP06V27 Golf Cart RV Boat

What You Get With Universal Power Group UB62000 6V Golf Cart Battery?

If you’re looking for a golf cart battery that is mountable in any position, then this one is the right product for you. In addition, it is also a reachable spill-proof battery that can resist vibrations and shocks so that it can offer versatility upon mounting.

As for its cost and value, one of the most crucial aspects of the manufacturer of this product is that golf cart batteries come in a pack of two, hence making it quite inexpensive rather than purchasing one.

All in all, prospective buyers can expect a lot of value for this battery upon purchase.


  • Durable golf cart battery that is easy to install and use
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Can resist vibration and shocks
  • Maintenance-free
  • Very reasonable price especially that it comes with two batteries for each order


  • Not so good lifespan
  • A little bit heavy

Top FAQS on this Unit

1. How long does it take to charge a golf cart?

-It depends on three factors. The first one is the quality of your charger, second is how discharged your batteries are, and lastly the quality of your batteries. If you’ve got a brand new batteries, they are 20% to 30% discharged and can be pretty quick in charging for about 1 to 3 hours.

2. Should I charge the golf cart after each use?

-Of course! In fact, it’s healthy for the batteries to be fully charged at all times.

3. Should I charge the golf cart in Tow or Run?

-You should charge it in Run mode. Tow is only ideal for long term storage if you’re planning on removing the batteries.

What Take on the Universal Power Group UB62000 6V Golf Cart Battery:

This brand is not just perfect as replacement batteries as they’re also very sturdy and work efficiently for consumers that always seek quality. In addition, these batteries are perfect for golf carts that can manage a 12V battery with a lot of juice.

Furthermore, the battery is expertly engineered with quality in mind. One of the exceptional aspects of this certain battery is its ability to manage long cart trips and be able to work efficiently with almost any golf cart out there.

What is the Difference between VMAXTANKS 6V 225Ah Golf Cart Battery vs. Qty VMAX V6-225 vs. Trojan 6V T-105 vs. NP6-225Ah and vs. Universal Power Group UB62000?

All golf cart batteries we featured above are among the best batteries in the market today. But of course, each one of them comes with their own respective unique traits that no other batteries can offer or provide.

Let’s start with the VMAXTANKS 6V 225Ah golf cart battery. This one comes with high-end separators as well as unique plates that provide a very competitive performance. Now when it comes to the Qty VMAX V6-225, it’s capable of high-reserve capacities as well as high-deep cycles so users can still conveniently and effectively use it on certain equipment other than golf carts.

On the other hand, the Trojan 6V T-105 fuses a thicker heavy density paste and internal grid to make it deliver an exceptional battery performance.  Of course the NP6-225Ah wouldn’t lose especially that it actually focuses more on quantity rather than the quality, which is actually a good thing for demanding and heavy-duty electrical needs.

And last but not the least is the Universal Power Group UB62000 golf car battery. This one from Universal Power Group is very unique as it can be mounted in any position which makes it reachable spill-proof model. With such feature, it would be able to resist vibrations and shocks which could potentially damage the battery itself.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best golf cart battery for your golf needs, first of all, it’s crucial to think about the type of battery you’re planning to buy. Lithium-ion and Lead-acid batteries come with their own respective advantages and disadvantages, and this factor will have a great impact on how your golf cart will perform, as well as the maintenance needed for your chosen battery.

In addition to that, you might also want to consider the speed since the amount of volts you opt for in a battery will certainly affect the speed your golf cart is able to go at. That said; keep in mind that the higher the voltage, the faster the golf cart will go and the longer the charge will last.

And lastly, you shouldn’t forget about the maintenance regardless of the one you chose, be it li-ion or the Lead-acid batteries. Be sure that you have a battery tender in order to keep them in good shape during those times of inactivity.


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Online news platforms are also laced with links that we click on, which can lead to our personal information getting stolen. We are also at risk of receiving information that isn’t entirely true, leaving us at risk of being misinformed. This can become dangerous if you intend to invest money in certain software developer companies. 

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Many online news sites offer newsletters that are released on a schedule. When wanting to find accurate information, you’ll want to look into subscribing to different websites. This allows you to see whether or not the information is accurate. 

Look for websites that have offered online news about video games for a while

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By looking into this, you can better understand what is happening with that particular website. If you feel uneasy or unsure, always research the website. In many instances, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Super Bowl Tickets

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Super Bowl betting odds are already available as futures bets, and those odds continue to attract plenty of betting action. Some people will find it easier to correctly pick the Super Bowl winner as opposed to trying to find tickets to the big game. 

Since the Super Bowl comes around just once a year, football fans from all over the world are trying to get to the game every year. The league does reserve some tickets for teams every single year, but by the time November rolls around, some fans have already given up on their favorite team. 

It’s hard to predict how expensive the average Super Bowl ticket is going to cost in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, but you can look back at last year’s game for some guidance. The 2022 Super Bowl was played in California, though, and that’s always one of the biggest draws. 

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is also a massive the artist that is scheduled to perform can impact the overall prices. It will be Rihanna taking the stage in 2023, and she is sure to have some special guests as well. 

2022 Prices Skyrocketed

In the days leading up to the 2022 Super Bowl, the official ticket pieces on Ticketmaster continued to climb. Ticketmaster announced that the cheapest ticket being sold through its site was $6,800, and the most expensive ticket cost over $81,000 for the VIP seats.

There were other third-party apps that sell Super Bowl tickets as well, and you could actually find some cheaper options on those sites. Just to get into the door was still going to cost a person over $5,000 per seat, regardless of where the ticket was purchased. 

It’s a great idea to buy tickets as early as possible, or else you will have to wait until the day of the game and try to find someone that is ditching a ticket at the last moment. The Super Bowl makes millions of dollars just on Super Bowl tickets alone, and the cost of parking and concessions isn’t cheap either. 

Bears Fans Are Giving Up

The NFL has a ticket exchange program where fans can make Super Bowl ticket reservations, and a majority of the teams are a part of it. As the calendar flips to November, the Super Bowl chances of most of the teams in the league start to get more clear. 

The Bears have the lowest Super Bowl ticket reservation prices on the third-party market at just $16. The average reservation prices are right around $360 for the teams that are listed, but those numbers are going to fluctuate in a big way with every passing week. 

Chicago actually had reservation prices of over $60 to begin the year, but fans no longer want to reserve a spot if their favorite team won’t be in the big game. Fans of the Buffalo Bills are paying the highest reservation prices, as that number is close to $18,000. 

Rihanna Chosen By Apple Music

Before the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show performer was announced, the NFL announced that it had chosen a new partner for the show. Pepsi had been a long sponsor of the big musical event, but Apple Music was given a multi-year partnership with the league.

By having Apple Music as the new partner, the league was able to unlock a wide range of new performers to be chosen. The first selection of Apple Music is Rihanna, who just recently became a billionaire. 

Some fans wait until the halftime show performer is announced to buy tickets, as that is such a big part of the entire experience. Rihanna has not announced any other musical acts that will join her on stage, but you can be sure that there will be some. 

Taylor Swift was one of the other options for Apple Music, but she declined to perform as she was too busy recording another album.

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Champions League Round of 16 Draw: Expect Fireworks




Champions League Round

Imagine getting a champions league final rematch in the Round of 16. Or even the current Real Madrid vs the star-studded PSG for the second consecutive year in the Champions League predictions?


The Champions League Round of 16 draws will be held on Monday, November 7, 2022/23.


The Anticipated Draw


We now know which teams will advance to the next Round of the Champions League following a fairly swift nine-week group round in the Champions League predictions today.


The draw for the Round of 16 will take place at the European House of Football in Nyom, Switzerland, on Monday, November 7.


The first leg games were contested on February 14, 15, 21, and 22, 2023. The second legs are scheduled for March 7, 8, 14, and 15, 2023. All games will begin at 8 p.m. GMT. The lowest-seeded team will play at home first.


These 16 clubs have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League:


  • England: Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City.
  • Germany: Bayern München, Eintracht Frankfurt, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund.
  • Spain: Real Madrid.
  • France: PSG.
  • Portugal: Porto and Benfica.
  • Belgium: Club Brugge.
  • Italy: Napoli, Inter, and AC Milan.


All Premier League teams in the Champions League have advanced to the Round of 16 and are awaiting the draw for the final 16 teams. In the following Round of the competition, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City will represent England. These teams might compete against some of Europe’s top teams.


Inter Milan vs Tottenham would pit Antonio Conte against the Italian team he won the league with, while Chelsea vs RB Leipzig would pit Timo Werner against his former club.


Sixteen teams have advanced past the group stage. Everyone was stunned when PSG finished second in their group, behind Benfica. This meant they would face a formidable opponent in the Round of 16. PSG’s potential opponents include Napoli, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Manchester City.


Only Real Madrid remains in the last 16 from Spain after Sevilla, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid were eliminated last week. While the first two clubs will continue competing in Europe via the Europa League, Diego Simeone’s squad will not be in Europe.


In the knockout rounds of the Champions League, if clubs are level in total goals, away goals will not be utilized to determine the winner. The same as the previous season.


If a series is tied after the second leg, 30 minutes of extra time will be played. If the series remains tied after that, there will be a penalty shootout.


Similar to the Round of 16, the quarterfinals and semifinals will be played over two legs. The team that scores the most goals throughout both legs will advance.


The quarter-finals will take place in April, the May semifinals, and the June final.


In the 2021/22 season, away goals were not used to break ties for the first time since 1965.

Real Madrid won the only two knockout stage games that required extra time in the 2021/22 tournament. 


They defeated Premier League’s Manchester City and Chelsea in the quarterfinals in a rather disappointing fashion for the blues without penalty kicks.


Possible Outcomes


City, Chelsea, and Tottenham, as seeds, may have hoped for a second-place opponent that would be easier to play. They may meet three teams: Club Brugge, Inter Milan, RB Leipzig, or Paris Saint-Germain.


All group champions will be seeded teams in the draw, meaning they will not be able to face another seeded team. Group champions cannot face clubs from their respective leagues or teams who finished second in their group. For instance, PSG cannot face Benfica in the sixteenth Round.


Here are progressed teams and possible opponents; 


  • Tottenham: PSG, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Club Brugge, AC Milan
  • Manchester City: PSG, RB Leipzig, Inter Milan, Eintracht Frankfurt, Club Brugge AC Milan
  • Bayern Munich: Liverpool, PSG, Club Brugge, AC Milan
  • Napoli: PSG, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt, Club Brugge
  • Chelsea: PSG, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Eintracht Frankfurt, Club Brugge
  • RB Leipzig: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham, Porto, Napoli, Benfica
  • Real Madrid: Liverpool, PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Eintracht Frankfurt, Club Brugge AC Milan
  • Inter Milan: Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham, Porto, Benfica
  • Liverpool: Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Porto, Benfica
  • PSG: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham, Porto, Napoli
  • AC Milan: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Porto, Benfica
  • Eintracht Frankfurt: Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelse, Porto, Napoli, Benfica
  • Borussia Dortmund: Real Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham, Porto, Napoli, Benfica
  • Porto: Liverpool, PSG, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Eintracht Frankfurt, AC Milan
  • Club Brugge: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid. Chelsea, Tottenham, Napoli, Benfica


 That’s the possibility of the upcoming fireworks in the champions league. It’s what will determine your champions league picks as you enjoy the matches.

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