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Ukrainian networks are being attacked by new CaddyWiper data-erasing malware.



Ukrainian networks

Today’s strikes on Ukrainian targets included the use of recently discovered malware that destroys data across systems on infected networks.

According to ESET Research Labs, “This new virus deletes user data and partition information from associated discs.”

It was detected on a small number of computers in a few dozen enterprises, according to ESET telemetry.

CaddyWiper will utilise the DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformation() method to determine whether a device is a domain controller even though it is meant to wipe data across Windows domains it is installed on. In such case, the information on the domain controller won’t be erased.

This is probably a strategy employed by the attackers to keep access to the networks of the firms they target while still severely disrupting operations by deleting other crucial devices.

It was found that the malware was used in assaults the same day it was assembled when examining the PE header of a malware sample that was found on the network of an unnamed Ukrainian firm.

“With regard to coding, CaddyWiper has no notable similarities to HermeticWiper, IsaacWiper, or any other malware that we are aware of. No digital signature was seen on the sample we examined, “said ESET.

“We noticed CaddyWiper being delivered via GPO, similar to HermeticWiper installations, indicating the attackers had previous control to the target’s network beforehand.”

This year, Ukraine has deployed a fourth data wiper.
CaddyWiper is the fourth data wiper virus that have been used in assaults in Ukraine since the beginning of 2022; experts from ESET Research Labs and Microsoft previously identified two other instances.

On February 22, the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, ESET researchers discovered the data-wiping virus HermeticWiper, which was used to target Ukraine along with ransomware dummy files.

Additionally, they found a data wiper they termed IsaacWiper and a brand-new worm called HermeticWizard that the attackers had been using to distribute HermeticWiper wiper payloads ever since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Microsoft also discovered a wiper known as WhisperGate that was used in data-wiping operations against Ukraine in mid-January.

These continuous malware operations against Ukrainian companies, according to Microsoft President and Vice-Chair Brad Smith, “have been meticulously targeted.”

This contrasts with the global NotPetya malware attack, which struck Ukraine and other nations in 2017, which was eventually connected to Sandworm, a hacker organisation affiliated with the Russian GRU Main Intelligence Directorate.

Such harmful actions are a part of what the Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) called a “huge wave of hybrid warfare” just before to the commencement of the conflict.

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What is faze save kidshaywarddecrypt?




faze save kidshaywarddecrypt

“Faze Save Kidshaywarddecrypt” likely refers to a meme or joke within the gaming community.

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In the context of “Faze Save the Kids”, it’s possible that it is a reference to the Faze Clan supporting the “Save the Kids” cause or using the phrase as a rallying cry within the gaming community. However, without more context, it is difficult to determine the exact meaning.

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Sources:On Monday, Facebook will reveal a range of music products, such as a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast discovery service integrated with Spotify, and more. (Vox, Peter Kafka)



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Sources:On Monday, Facebook will reveal a range of music products, such as a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast discovery service integrated with Spotify, and more. (Vox, Peter Kafka)

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