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Ransomware attack, according to Rackspace, is what triggered the outage.



Ransomware attack

Today, Texas-based Rackspace, a supplier of cloud computing services, disclosed that a Hosted Exchange outage that has been called a “isolated incident” is really the result of a ransomware assault.

In an addendum to the first incident report, the business stated, “As you know, on Friday, December 2nd, 2022, we became aware of suspicious behaviour and promptly took aggressive actions to isolate the Hosted Exchange environment to mitigate the situation.”

According to Rackspace, the investigation is still in its early stages and there is no knowledge of “what, if any, data was compromised.” It is being conducted by a cyber defence company and its internal security team.

If the cloud service provider discovers proof that the attackers were able to access customers’ private data, it promises to let consumers know.

In a press statement, Rackspace Technology said that it “believes that this event was confined to its Hosted Exchange business” based on the preliminary findings of its investigation.

The firm has not noticed any effects on its Email product line or platform, and Rackspace Technology’s other products and services are completely functional.

In today’s press release and an 8-K SEC filing, the firm also stated that it anticipates a loss of income as a result of the ransomware attack’s effects on its $30 million Hosted Exchange business.

Despite the fact that Rackspace Technology is still investigating the incident, the company stated that it “has caused and may continue to cause an interruption in its Hosted Exchange business and may result in a loss of revenue for the Hosted Exchange business, which generates approximately $30 million in revenue annually in the Apps & Cross Platform segment.”

Additionally, Rackspace Technology may incur additional expenses as a result of its reaction to the event.

All services in Rackspace’s Hosted Exchange environment, including MAPI/RPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and ActiveSync, as well as the Outlook Web Access (OWA) user interface that allows access to online email management, are currently affected by the outage.

The corporation first reported the outage on its status page on Friday night at 02:49 AM EST, which is four days after today’s notification.

Twenty-four hours later, Rackspace disclosed the real cause of the outage, citing a security problem that was “contained to a piece of our Hosted Exchange platform” and required them to shut down and disconnect the Hosted Exchange environment.

Due to the incomplete information, some of the customer’s suspicions that the downtime may be the result of malware or ransomware attacks were validated today by the company.

Until the outage is fixed, Rackspace has been offering impacted customers free Microsoft Exchange Plan 1 licences and comprehensive instructions on how to migrate their email to Microsoft 365 (details on activating the free licences and moving users’ mailboxes to Microsoft 365 are available in Rackspace’s incident report). This service has been available starting on Friday evening.

Additionally, the business offers clients a stopgap remedy while they transition to Microsoft 365: a forwarding choice that will automatically divert every email sent to a Hosted Exchange user to an outside email account.

“We are unable to give a timeframe for the restoration of the Hosted Exchange environment at this time. Where possible, we are aiming to provide clients inbox archives to eventually import into Microsoft 365 “The upgrade from today includes Rackspace.

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