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Ransomware assault costs $50 million on computer giant Acer



computer giant Acer

Revil ransomware has attacked computer company Acer, and the threat actors are requesting the $50,000,000,000 ransom, which is the highest known ransom to date.

Acer is a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer of computers, electronics, and monitors. About 7,000 people work for Acer, which had revenue of $7.8 billion in 2019.

The ransomware gang said yesterday that they have infiltrated Acer and posted some screenshots of purportedly stolen files as evidence on their data leak website.

These documents, which contain financial spreadsheets, bank balances, and bank correspondence, were exposed through the use of leaked photos.

Known highest ransom demand

Following the release of our article, LegMagIT’s Valery Marchive found the REvil ransomware sample that was utilised in the Acer assault and demanded a huge $50 million ransom.

Soon after, BleepingComputer discovered the sample and is able to corroborate that it is from the onslaught on Acer based on the ransom message and the victim’s chat with the attackers.

Beginning on March 14th, the victim began speaking with REvil, who displayed disbelief at the victim’s enormous $50 million demand.

The REvil representative offered a link to the Acer data leak page later on in the chat, which was still under wraps at the moment.

A 20% discount was also provided by the assailants if payment was completed by this past Wednesday. The ransomware group would deliver a decryptor, a vulnerability report, and the destruction of the files they had stolen in exchange.

The REvil operation once issued a mysterious warning to Acer, telling them “not not repeat the fate of the SolarWind.”

The previous greatest known ransom was the $30 million extortion from the Dairy Farm cyberattack, which was also perpetrated by REvil. REvil’s 50 million demand is the largest known ransom to date.

Possibly exploited Microsoft Exchange

According to Vitali Kremez of BleepingComputer, the Revil gang recently targeted a Microsoft Exchange server on the Acer domain, which Advanced Intel’s Andariel cyberintelligence technology was able to identify.

Kremez told BleepingComputer that “Advanced Intel’s Andariel cyberintelligence technology noticed that one specific REvil affiliate pursued Microsoft Exchange weaponization.”

Although they are a smaller operation with fewer victims, the threat actors behind the DearCry ransomware have already deployed their ransomware via the ProxyLogon vulnerability.

If the current Microsoft Exchange flaws were utilised by REvil to steal data or encrypt devices, it would mark the first time one of the ransomware operations that targets large-scale threats used this kind of attack.

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What is faze save kidshaywarddecrypt?




faze save kidshaywarddecrypt

“Faze Save Kidshaywarddecrypt” likely refers to a meme or joke within the gaming community.

Esports faze save

“Faze Clan” is a professional esports and entertainment organization, primarily known for their presence in the Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scenes. “Faze Save” could refer to a clutch play or a significant moment in a match where a player from the Faze Clan saved the round for their team. However, without more context, it’s difficult to determine the specific meaning of “Faze Save.”

Several players of the popular esports FaZe clan were suspended recently for promoting a controversial cryptocurrency called Save The Kids. Save The Kids was advertised as an alternative to Dogecoin and Etherium, and it promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity. The controversy caused a huge backlash from fans, who slammed the clan for its shady business practices.

The members of FaZe Clan have denied being involved with the scheme, but anyone found to be involved in the scheme could face serious consequences. FaZe Clan’s reputation could be ruined, and potential sponsors could be discouraged from working with the group.

Faze clan save

“Faze Clan Save” could refer to a clutch play or a significant moment in a match where a player from the Faze Clan saved the round for their team. It might be used to describe a play that was critical to the outcome of a match and helped secure a win for Faze Clan.

faze save the kids

“Save the Kids” is a phrase that has become popular in internet culture and is often used as a hashtag or meme. The exact meaning of “Save the Kids” varies depending on the context, but it generally refers to a call to action or a show of support for a cause, often related to children’s rights, safety, or well-being.

In the context of “Faze Save the Kids”, it’s possible that it is a reference to the Faze Clan supporting the “Save the Kids” cause or using the phrase as a rallying cry within the gaming community. However, without more context, it is difficult to determine the exact meaning.

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Sources:On Monday, Facebook will reveal a range of music products, such as a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast discovery service integrated with Spotify, and more. (Vox, Peter Kafka)



sources monday spotifykafkavox

Sources:On Monday, Facebook will reveal a range of music products, such as a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast discovery service integrated with Spotify, and more. (Vox, Peter Kafka)

Peter Kafka / Vox:

Several audio products, including a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast finding service integrated with Spotify, and more, will be unveiled by Facebook on Monday, according to sources. On Monday, there will be announcements, although some things won’t be available for some time. — Facebook wants you to start communicating with others on the site.

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Zhang Yiming
The founder of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming has stepped down as chairman after announcing last May he was resigning as CEO and moving into a strategy role. New CEO Liang Rubo has taken over as chairman of the company’s board. The news comes shortly after the company announced a major organisational reshuffle at ByteDance to create six separate business units.
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