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Kaushik Ranchod Testimonials – Ranchod Law Group reviews



Kaushik Ranchod Testimonials

“I’m extraordinarily thankful for Mr. Kaushik Ranchod’s office. Mr. Ranchod turned into very beneficial, and I am very inspired by Ms. Melissa Oklan as she turned into simply notable. They each had incredible revel in the J1 waiver. They helped me record for J1 visa waiver below persecution and he or she turned into usually responsive to info and conscious of my emails and questions. More importantly, she turned into usually satisfactory and expert and supportive of this tough lengthy technique. She and Mr. Ranchod has carried out an incredible and notable activity with my utility. They have usually been courteous and handled me withinside the uttermost professionalism. I am nevertheless running with them at the technique and that they were at the pinnacle in their case. I strongly advocate Mr. Ranchod and Ms. Oklan as immigration attorneys.”


“I’m grateful for Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for their extraordinary carrier in my J-1 incredible problem waiver. Their expert technique is terrific and they helped me thru each step of this lengthy technique.

They have constructed a robust case, filed it in a well-timed way, and accompanied me regularly. Melissa Oklan went a similar step and had direct communications with my corporation concerning my J-1 waiver, which turned into very beneficial to maintaining my activity. For more info

I strongly advocate Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for J-1 waiver giving their big revel in.”

Diaa El-Din Mustafa

“We couldn’t have carried out it without you. We very a lot recognize the attempt and the hit outcome. As a result of bringing the health practitioner into our Center practice, he may be capable of taking care of approximately 1,500 sufferers who could in any other case have probably struggled to get entry to clinical care. That’s several humans for our network and he’ll be capable of making a distinction for them.”


“I got here throughout their institution at the net and contacted them for a visa waiver utility in 11/2014. Kaushik had spoken with me two times to head over the deserves of the utility freed from fee and in a well-timed way which led me to have their corporation constitute me. Melissa Oklan, who’s every other legal professional of their institution broadly speaking labored on my case.

Melissa turned very thorough in her commands and responded to my questions satisfactorily. We have been capable of put-up utility in early 04/2015. Time after that turned tough because the waiver technique took nearly two times as lengthy. Finally acquired the waiver in the remaining week of 12/2015. During the very last month, I turned to speak with Melissa approximately as soon as a week. She understood my frustration and turned into a very affected person with all my calls and questions. Overall, I had very fine revel in and I’d advocate their carrier with no reservations.”


J1 visa waiver utility

“The Ranchod Law Group has an incredible team. They helped me get a J-1 visa waiver, which is often a complex and lengthy technique. They walked me thru each step, and with their assistance, I turned into capable of getting a fine selection in a file time. Also, for the duration of the complete technique, Melissa and Kaushik have been very open and obvious approximately everything, which helped me benefit from expertise in the way these items work, which I recognize. Thanks to Ranchod Law Group I turned into capable of life withinside the US with my circle of relatives and being there for the start of my first daughter. I will for all time be glad about that.”


Michael S

“We can’t thank Ranchod Law Group sufficient for his or her assistance and correctly getting our J-1 waiver case approved. The blessings of this fulfillment are huge and without that, my circle of relatives and I might have been separated for 2 years.


I located The Ranchod Law Group after a protracted seeking and contacting approximately two-dozen specific attorneys (which include a few very well-known regulation corporations withinside the nation) over a path of greater than 6 months.


Our case turned into a “J-1 Waiver” (NOT primarily based totally on No Objection Statement). This type of case is pretty uncommon and is one of the maximum tough instances in all the immigration regulations. Most well-known immigration attorneys will now no longer take care of a J-1 waiver case due to the complexities involved. I did hours and hours of studies on the net on this problem and attempted to discover attorneys which have reveled in this form of case. It’s my locating that there are without a doubt now no longer greater than a handful that has “correct revel in” on this type of case. Without a doubt, Ranchod Law Group is every one of them.


Car windshield: how it is produced and what the symbols indicate




Car windshield: how it is produced and what the symbols indicate

After having seen how much active safety technology there is in a windshield, let’s see how a windshield is produced which, even in its most basic version, must guarantee 34% of the rigidity of the body even from the cheapest city cars. Are all car windshields the same? We now know that since the discovery of laminated glass (see the origins of the first car windshield), the synthetic resin inside it plays a key role when hit by a stone or in the event of an accident, but of how many layers a modern windshield? What are the quality controls what car glass manufacturers do before shipping the crystals to the European Carglass distribution centers? What is the difference between an Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) windshield and an Original Equipment Equivalent ( OEE ) windshield? And the best thing is get your windshield from wholesale car windshields.


How do you recognize a windshield approved in Europe from one approved in the USA or China ? The production of a quality windshield is as important as the presence of the markings, which are not just the car manufacturer’s logo. Before being marketed, a windshield must be homologated and therefore meet the technical requirements imposed by the directives of each country in which homologation is requested (find out which tests a windshield must pass to obtain homologation). Depending on the country of homologation, the symbol on the windscreen frame changes (you can also find two homologations at the same time if requested in more countries) but the tests it is subjected to are almost the same and only change in some additional assessments. Below we try to clarify the meaning of the most common symbols that can be found on the windshield and windows of the car and understand – for example if you are buying a used car, read how not to get scammed in the Used Car Buying Guide – if that glass has been replaced because the car has suffered an attempted theft or an accident.


The symbols that you might find on the car windows (see attached image) are:

  1. The car manufacturer ‘s logo : it is not indicative of quality and safety and may not be there.
  2. The logo of the glass manufacturer: unlike the logo of the car manufacturer it is always present on the glass.
  3. Tempered : indicates the type of glass produced by heat treatment. It is usually found on the side windows and rear window .
  4. Laminated : indicates the type of laminated glass, inside which the PVB sheet is present. It is usually present on the windshield .
  5. I, II, III, IV, V, VI : I – reinforced windshield, II – conventional multi-layer windshield (most popular on cars), III – multi-layer windshield which has received further treatment, IV – polycarbonate windshield, V – glass with a light transmission coefficient of less than 70%, VI – glass with a light transmission coefficient of not less than 70%.
  6. E ‘x’ : European country that has granted type approval – 1 Germany, 2 France, 3 Italy, 4 Netherlands, 5 Sweden, 6 Belgium, 7 Hungary, 8 Czech Republic, 9 Spain, 10 Yugoslavia, 11 England , 12 Austria, 13 Luxembourg, 14 Switzerland, 16 Norway, 17 Finland, 18 Denmark, 19 Romania, 20 Poland, 21 Portugal, 22 Russia, 23 Greece, 24 Ireland, 25 Croatia, 26 Slovenia, 27 Slovakia, 28 Belarus, 29 Estonia, 31 Bosnia-Herzegovina, 32 Latvia, 37 Turkey, 42 European Economic Community, 43 Japan.
  7. ECE R43 : compliance with European safety standards and type approval number.
  8. CCC : Compliance with China’s safety standards.
  9. M, AS, DOT : Compliance with US safety standards.
  10. Production date and identification number : on new cars this usually coincides with the vehicle’s production date and is the same on all windows.

We now know that a windshield with these symbols is of quality even if it does not have the car manufacturer’s logo, but it will become safe only after it has been mounted correctly, as we see it later. But if a faulty windshield escapes the manufacturer’s controls, who prevents it from being accidentally installed on a customer’s car? Find out in Glass quality tests and checks.

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The Chinese 250cc ATV’s Best Choice of 2022




The Chinese 250cc

Powerful 250 cc engine is a world of drive and emotions. Sporty character or stylish utilitarian disposition? The choice is yours. In any case, positive emotions are provided to you.


Chinese ATVs 250cc are suitable for those who love speed, extreme adrenaline. The high running performance of the four-wheeler allows you to drive it off-road without worrying that it will not cope with the obstacle.

The 250cc chinese atv differs from models with a smaller engine size by a mechanical motorcycle gearbox, power, maximum speed, and dimensions. At the same time, they are also inexpensive. Due to the variety of characteristics and configurations, you can find a model that suits you. This device is universal: it can be a sports quad bike, as it has 3-4 gears, a household assistant due to the clutch and the presence of the first gear, excellent equipment for hunting, fishing or country trips.

The 250cc chinese ATV is a model whose parameters take this four-wheeler from the class of practical and comfortable to the class of daring and fast. These are sports and utility all-terrain vehicles at the same time, with high maneuverability, cross-country ability, and a large supply of torque in different gears.

Characteristics and safety

Despite the low price, the 250 cc quad is a godsend in terms of running performance and technical equipment. This is a powerful machine that requires certain driving skills. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can harness this power, it is better to refrain from riding with a breeze.

At the same time, the device is as reliable as possible, it can be used on any type of terrain. This all-weather all-terrain vehicle is designed specifically to overcome mud, bumps, and loose surfaces. So, if you plan to ride on impassable areas, a 250cc quad is your choice.

SUVs have wear-resistant rubber, which provides effective braking in all weather conditions. For better grip on icy surfaces in winter, it is recommended to use snow chains.

A pleasant addition can be considered a four-stroke engine that makes a growling sound, as if calling to enjoy all the possibilities of this unpretentious technology.

Where to find a 250cc ATV

Want to buy an ATV for sports or country trips, but don’t know where to start? We will advise you! Open the catalog of the online store “Alibaba”, and you will definitely find what you need. We sell devices with a basic configuration (Lite) and with an extended one (Lux, Premium), presented in different colors. Each product card is accompanied by descriptions, photos, some have video reviews of the owners. See, choose!

Chinese ATVs do not mean bad, down with stereotypes. You can see for yourself the quality of our equipment by signing up for a test drive. We have low prices because we try to make motorsport affordable. Alibaba regularly improves ATV models to take into account all the needs of fans of our motorcycle brand.

Do you want to take a reliable and inexpensive 250cc Chinese ATV? Then you need to choose a trusted dealer who will offer favorable terms of cooperation. And just such a company is the Alibaba online store.

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Buying Guide of the Waffle Biscuit Machine




Buying Guide of the Waffle Biscuit Machine

Baking Waffles are not so easy and smooth but the waffle biscuit machine makes it easy for mom at home and for the chef at a restaurant to bake delicious waffle biscuits quickly. Waffle biscuits are the choices of every child, adult, and old man. They love to eat it as a side dish in the restaurant or at breakfast at home.

Waffle biscuits are the beloved food for the children. They love to eat it every time for breakfast with marshmallows and jam. Mom likes to give it to children for lunch at school. The popularity of this food is that it is easy to eat. You can also eat it on the walk or on the bus.

The baking of waffle biscuits is not as easy as butter but the waffle machine equipped with the latest technology makes it easy as butter. It is very handy to manage the demand in a manual way. The production of waffles on a large scale is possible only with the latest waffle machines. These machines come in a variety of operations.

Waffle machines are categorized according to their operations, just like manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. You have to consider the following steps before buying any commercial waffle biscuit baking machine.

Assess your need

First of all assess your demand and supply, whether you are in need of a new machine to fulfill the demand of the customer or consumers of waffle biscuits. You have to manage all your resources to purchase the manual or automatic machine for this purpose.

Consider your space

After assessing your need you have to manage the space for the machine which needs to occupy. Fully automatic machines occupied a large area irrespective of the semi-automatic or manual machines. Furthermore, Instead of that automatic machine produces a larger number of waffles biscuits.

Labor efficient

Manual machines require huge labor which increases the cost of operations. While automatic machines do not require any type of labor. They are operated with the help of a computer, touch system, or voice command.


Cost-effectiveness is the major part to consider before purchasing the waffle biscuit machine. Cost includes its operation cost, maintenance cost, and production cost as well. The machine’s productivity is calculated on the basis of outcome to its cost. If the cost is low it means the productivity of machines is positive and meaningful.

After-Sale Services

The machines are electronic and sometimes they need to be checked after some time of production. The owner has to buy that machine which has low maintenance cost and the company gives the warranty and guarantee about the machine. The workers install the machine in the factory and guide the labor on how to operate it.

Easy-to-Operate Machine

Some machines are very difficult to operate because they do not have a friendly graphic interface. But in contrast, the latest machines have a proper graphical user interface that assists the operator in the operation of machines.

Even the machine itself tells about the fault of the owner by beeping or giving the error message. The ease of operation makes the machine user-friendly and popular among the workers.

Operation type

According to operation, the machine is divided into 3 categories.

Manual waffle biscuit machine

Manual machines are required to fulfill the order in small quantities. In this scenario, the labor cost is increased. The labor is involved from the baking of flour to the packing of products.

Semi-Automatic waffle biscuit machine

Semi-automatic machines are a combination of manual and automatic machines. In this case, some part is done by the labor, and the rest of the work is managed by the waffle biscuit machine. The machines are popular to handle the order on the middle level.

Fully-Automatic waffle biscuit machine

The fully automatic machines are state of art of the latest technology. These machines can handle the project from start to end. There are also waffle biscuit machines available for the home. The mother or maid enjoys the waffle biscuit baking without too much effort.

These machines consumed little electricity to bake the waffle cone biscuit. Resultantly we conclude that fully automatic machines are feasible for large-scale production irrespective of the semi-automatic or manual machine.


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