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Best Retractable Garden Hose Reviews



Watering your garden can be fun yet overwhelming, especially if you are using a traditional hose. With a retractable garden hose, it can make your gardening activity efficient and straightforward.

A retractable garden hose will make things easier for you especially when working on a big garden. The carts of the retractable hose will help to move very efficient from one area to another. But with the many retractable garden hoses on the market today, it can be challenging to choose one that suits your needs. So I’ve rounded up the best five retractable garden hoses available today. Continue reading below so you can know which hose will perfectly match your needs.

Top 5 Best Retractable Garden Hose Reviews

1. Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength, 3/4 inches Solid Brass Fittings


Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose is one of the most advanced garden hoses on the market today. It is made out of high-quality materials and is designed with nothing but the latest.

One of the best things about Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose is that it is lightweight, functional, and very flexible. It can reach up to 50ft in length, which is long enough so you can easily maneuver it in any area on your lawn or garden.

Another good thing about Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose is that you don’t have to worry leaks. The reason behind this because of the 3/4 inches of robust brass connector and as well as a double latex pipe. Lastly, it is straightforward to store, so you shouldn’t worry about anything at all.


  • Includes eight rotating pattern hose nozzle
  • Can expand for up to 50 feet
  • Can withstand a maximum of 12 bars water pressure
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Issues with the nozzle


2. Aterod 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible Strength Fabric, Flexible Expanding Water hose with 9 Function Spray Nozzle

Aterod 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose has the power to expand from 25 feet to 75 feet. This means that the hose has the power to expand for up to three times from its original size.

One of the best things about Aterod 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose is that once the water starts to flow, the hose will never get kinked, twisted, or tangled. So you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Also, this garden hose has a robust brass connectors that measure 3/4 inches.

Another good thing about Aterod 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose is that it comes with a zinc alloy spray nozzle, sturdy valve, double latex pipe, and a rubber washer. Lastly, it can withstand water pressure of up to 12 bar.


  • Includes nine function nozzle
  • Nonslip sprayer
  • Retractable, so it is very easy to store
  • Portable


  • Issues with nozzles

3. J&B XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose with Holder – Heavy Duty Triple Layered Latex Core and Free 10 Spray Nozzle


J&B XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose is one of the most durable garden hoes on the market today. It is very compact, lightweight, tangle and as well as kink free. The garden hose starts out at 25 feet while it has the power to expand up to 75 feet. It only weighs 3.5 lbs, which means that you can take this anywhere with you.

One of the best things about J&B XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose is that it has a high-quality brass robust fitting and clamps that are made from steel. This means that the garden hose can definitely last for an extended period of time and can expand fully when needed.

Another good thing about the J&B XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose is that they offer a two year warranty so your hose will be serviced for free. Also, within two years, if you are having issues with your hose, they are willing to replace it.


  • Ten setting nozzle
  • 75 foot expanding
  • Tangle and kink free
  • Lightweight


  • Issues with the fitting

4. GoPlus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel, Hose Compressor


GoPlus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel is equipped with an automatic spring driven rewind to avoid kinked. It will also make it easy to store and protect your hose from any damages.

One of the best things about GoPlus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel is that they have chosen to use steel as their material for durability and strength. It also has a ratchet lock mechanism, wherein the length of the hose will be secured because of the multi-position lock.

Another good thing about GoPlus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel is that it can easily be adjusted. This means that mounting the hose will be easier than usual. Lastly, the bearings are well lubricated so you can experience a smooth rewind.


  • Amazing retractable mechanism
  • No leaks
  • Durable Hose


  • Heavy, which is quite hard to mount

5. Anteko Expandable Garden Hose, 50ft Strongest Expandable Water Hose, 8 Functions Sprayer With Double Latex Core


Anteko Expandable Garden Hose is consists of 8 pattern hose nozzle, wherein you can quickly turn the nozzle to the pattern that you please. What’s good about these nozzles is that they are all free for you to use. This simply means that you can use the hose to water your garden, bathe your pet or even wash your car.

One of the best things about Anteko Expandable Garden Hose is that this hose has a solid brass fitting. This means that you shouldn’t worry about any cracks and leaks because both will never happen.

Lastly, Anteko Expandable Garden Hose is very portable, wherein you retract it to any area on your lawn. Also, since it is portable, you can carry it anywhere with you if needed.


  • Expandable and flexible
  • High quality
  • No leaks
  • Lightweight


  • Issues with the tap

What Is A Retractable Garden Hose

A retractable garden hose is a hosepipe which is made out a flexible tube, which is used to provide water. The end of the hose is then attached to a sprinkler or to a sprayer. The sprinkler or the sprayer’s purpose is to ensure that the water will be concentrating on a specific area. The other end of the hose is attached to a hose spigot to a water tap. Once you are done with watering the plants or washing the pavement or car, the hose will automatically retract back. But there are also some that will need to be retracted manually.

The hose is usually made out of rubber or plastic and a collection of fibers. All of the materials that are used for the hosepipe are all flexible and smooth. This will make it easier for you to drag it around if needed. The garden hose can only take up normal temperature water and not for hot water purposes.

Is A Retractable Garden Hose Better Than Ordinary Garden Hose

A retractable garden hose is better than an ordinary hose because you no longer have to role it back yourself. All you have to do is, and the garden hose will retract on its own. Once you’re done with water your plants or cleaning the driveway or even your car, you can just push it and leave it. You can immediately rest without stressing yourself about fixing the hose back to its place.

Can You Use A Retractable Garden Hose To Clean Cars

The simple answer here is yes, and you can definitely use a retractable garden hose to clean cars. Not only that, but you can also use this hose to clean the garage, pathway, driveway, and even the pavement around your home.

Tips On Maintaining Your Retractable Garden Hose

Avoid Cross Threading

When you are attaching your garden hose to the leader hose or spigot, you need to make sure to avoid cross threading. This can cause damage to the retractable hose. The metal threads may accidentally cut the plastic threads, which can create a permanent leak.

Checking The O-Rings

The next thing that you need to do is to check the O-rings if there are any defects. To ensure that you have the correct size of the O-ring in case of replacement, check the website of the manufacturer and the manual. Once you have the new O-ring, you can start detaching the retractable from the hose and make sure that you have a screwdriver for the bolts. Remove the shield, and you can begin installing the O-Ring.

Lubricating The Retractable Garden Hose

You need to start applying oil on the bushings by using a fabric towel or paper and spread it on the other parts, including the shaft and the knob. Before adding more, you need to seal and let it air dry them.

Now if your retractable garden hose has spent months in the storage during winter, then it would be best to apply silicone grease on its rubber gaskets. If you notice that there are missing gaskets, then replacing them would be ideal.

If you are going to store them during the winter, it would be best to drain all of the water out of the hose and in the reel itself. This will prevent the water from freezing out.

Buying Guide: Choosing Your Retractable Garden Hose

Durability Of The Retractable Garden Hose

One of the first things that you need to do is to check its durability. The material should be durable enough to last for an extended period go time. If you have a small garden, you may choose an aluminum retractable garden hose since it is lightweight and will never rust. But for commercial applications or if you have a big garden, it may be best to opt for stainless steel since it is known as for heavy duty application.

Portability Of The Retractable Garden Hose

Whether you are someone who is suffering from neck and back problems, or you’re a senior, having a portable retractable garden hose is ideal. To ensure that your reel is portable, it would be best to choose something that has rugged rubber ties or flat-free tires. This will ensure that you won’t have a hard time transporting to any area in your garden.

Material Of The Retractable Garden Hose

There are different materials that a retractable garden hose is made of. You may choose for metal ones or plastic retractable garden hose. If you are going to let your reel to stay outdoors, it would be best to make sure that it has parts that are rust resistant.

If you are going to choose metal ones, you can opt for aluminum alloys or stainless steel. For plastic, just make sure that it is a hard plastic resin for it to last longer.

Capacity and Winding Mechanism

When it comes to the winding mechanism, you need to make sure that it will be simple to operate. You may want to choose something that has an auto-rewind, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all. This means that you no longer have to wind it manually and will save you all the work.

You may also choose one that’s using water power to do all the winding. The material is usually made out of plastic.

Cost Of The Retractable Garden Hose

Fortunately, there is a lot of affordable retractable garden hose today. There are even $20 on the market today, and they are made out of plastic. But usually, something that is too affordable might not be able to last for more than two seasons. It would be better to opt for more than that or something between $60 to $70 as they are usually durable enough even if they are made out of plastic.

Always remember to choose quality over the price because you will still save more if you choose a high-quality one. The reason behind this is because it will last for an extended period of time.


With the top 5 best retractable garden hose reviews above, you have undoubtedly found the right retractable for you and your lovely garden. Remember to use the tips on how you can choose the one by reading the information provided for you above, and this will surely help you make the most out of your money.

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Electric Hand Planer Vs. Benchtop Thickness Planer




In this article, we’ve hand-chose the best carpentry planer in both the convenient and seat top assortments. When we were choosing the best carpentry planers, we concentrated on four key territories: Value, notoriety, solidness, and generally execution. To put it plainly, we are here to enable you to decide the best carpentry planer for the cash.

Contingent upon what sort of carpentry planer you purchase (convenient, seat top, or full-size), a carpentry planer can be a big deal speculation. They’re remarkably important tools for the genuine carpenter. However, you unquestionably need to ensure that you get the correct one for your particular needs and workspace.

In particular, we don’t need you to wind up with a few hundred dollar paperweight. You need a wood planer that works. Likewise, remember that when squaring crude wood, a planer is normally utilized related to a jointer. 

Electric Hand Planer vs. Bench-top Thickness Planer Review

1. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch

What You Will Get With This Product?

In this way, you have been pondering fixing that stuck entryway or smoothing out the uneven edges of the wooden bureau. Be that as it may, absence of appropriate tools causes you to delay your eagerness to make a move on them.

What you need is an electric hand planer to make your activity simple and furthermore spare you a great deal of time! We will survey WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Planer and discover why it very well may be a decent buy for you.

Is Wen a Good Brand?

WEN needs no presentation as the organization has been structuring and dispersing high caliber and sensible power tools since 1951. WEN is known for making its imprint by placing power into the power tools. The 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is valuable for smoothing out harsh edges, chips, and fragments.

It works like a fantasy to fix the obstinate entryways or other wooden pieces. It tends to be utilized to helpfully shave off any sort of abnormalities until you get a smooth surface. The WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Planer is made in China. It weighs just 8 pounds; thus it is very convenient and can be conveyed effortlessly to work locales. The unit incorporates an electric hand planer, a residue pack, a rabbeting guide, a kickstand and a parallel fence section.

Kickstand Advantage

The kickstand highlight of the electric planer avoids any inadvertent cutting edge to-work piece contact when the tool isn’t being used. The item accompanies a residue pack to gather the wood shavings coming about because of utilization. This residue sack can be advantageously joined to either side of the planer. You can alter the course of the sawdust from left to directly by essentially flipping a switch.


The planer accompanies astonishing highlights and often accessories, for example, a great number of profundity stops, profundity level, dust pack and a kickstand. The cutting edges are overly sharp and they bring about the ideal result to shave old wooden logs and make them look like new.

WEN remains behind the entirety of its items and this one is no exemption. The item accompanies a two-year guarantee and an amicable client care. The cost of WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is nearly less expensive than different brands accessible in the market; thus, it offers great incentive for cash.


  • Includes power planer, dust bag, a kickstand, and a parallel fence bracket
  • Lightweight design weighs in at a mere 6 pounds
  • Make rabbets up to 7/10 inch in size with the included rabbeting guide
  • 16 positive stops adjust the cutting depth anywhere from 0-1/8 inch
  • 6-amp motor provides up to 34,000 cuts per minute 


  • The manual doesn’t contain any clear instructions
  • Doesn’t come with any replacement parts 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Will it plain rough flooring board of 400 square feet?

A: Yes, you’ll need to make several passes.

Q: Can it cut through painted wood?

A: Yes but it is not good for the blades.

Q: What is the operational AC voltage of the tool?

A: You just plug it to any regular 110V. 

What Take on This Product:

In the event that you are searching for an electric planer that has a plenty highlights to make any carpentry venture appear to be a fantasy, at that point the WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is a decent decision. It conveys an astonishing exhibition and spares a great deal of time. It comes outfitted with astounding highlights, and at this value, it is unquestionably an extraordinary incentive for cash!

Regardless of whether you are an apprentice or an accomplished proficient, you can profoundly profit by the utilization of this reasonable electric planer. The usability settles on it a decent decision for specialists and with a smidgen of training; it can enable you to work superbly inevitably! 

2. DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)



What You Will Get With This Product?

For the individuals who know about DEWALT and their items (and anybody in the business ought to be commonplace!), you will realize what number of incredible surveys they get and how understood they are at making great quality tool items and contraptions for a wide scope of clients. They value having a scope of mortgage holder estimated items with expert evaluation completes and there is such a scope of models to look over, there is certainly something to fit into everybody’s financial limit.

Value for the Price

The DEWALT DW735x is one of the most costly in their range yet has a powerful 15 AMP 20,000 RPM engine that can deal with bigger cuts and more extensive materials effectively. For the individuals who love getting great quality items that last years and are under guarantee for a decent time span, this DEWALT model might be the response to all your cutting issues.

Since the cost is very high for a planer, we would propose the individuals who are little store or workshops proprietors ought to put or those in the calling as a sole broker. While tenderfoots are free to attempt it and see what they think, for your first planer, this may be somewhat hard hitting. It has a great deal of included and additional highlights which is flawless yet frequently confounding for somebody who doesn’t generally realize what they’re doing.

How durable is the DEWALT DW735x?

This model is overly strong when contrasted with the other DEWALT DW734 and DW735. This is basically a direct result of the uncompromising part of the model, and that is extremely high caliber and hence ready to deal with most materials, even those that are heavier than ordinary. 

Two Speed Gear Box

An extraordinary component of the DW735x model is that it has a two-speed gearbox which enables clients to change their feed speed and upgrade each cut as far as the inches they can do. The slices extend from 96 to 179 CPI which is noteworthy for a planer that isn’t ordinarily classed as expert. This component is on a couple of various DEWALT models and demonstrates as an incredible advantage for a considerable lot of the models.

Deep Cutting Depth and Ability

Having the ideal cut and completion on your material is fundamental; this is particularly valid for any individual who is an expert in the business and requirements to furnish their clients with an incredible item. This DEWALT DW735x model delivers an ideal completion and can cut moderately profoundly into materials.

Is this model good for beginners also?

Most DEWALT items are reasonable for all capacities and we would state that on the off chance that you’re determined to a specific model and it has great audits, at that point you should give it a shot. Be that as it may, this specific model is a considerable amount of cash and probably won’t merit acquiring in case you’re just a learner.

The individuals who have been in the calling much more or somebody who has general knowledge about having a planer would profit significantly more from the additional highlights you get with this model. The reason it is more costly than most other DEWALT planers is that of the additional highlights, these are more diligently to utilize and an apprentice probably won’t utilize them meaning they ought to get an alternate style that is progressively appropriate for their capacity and in this manner set aside themselves cash.

General user impressions

Client audits on different sites can give a superior diagram and assessment of the item you’re taking a gander at and we’ve felt free to investigate what different clients have been stating about the DEWALT DW735x ensuring you have a reasonable perspective on the item itself from the perspective of individuals who have utilized and given it a shot previously.


  • Comes with an extra set of knives
  • Maximum depth of cut 1/8 inch, depth capacity 6 inches, and width 13 inches
  • Two speed gear box allows users to change feed speed
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chips off
  • Powerful 15 AMP, 20,000RPM motor handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease 


  • Quite expensive
  • A little bit noisy 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does this planer have a 2.5 inch or 4 inch dust ejector port?

A: It takes both.

Q: Is this machine the same as the 735 without the extra blades and in-feed and out-feed tables?

A: It’s exactly the same.

Q: What is the best approach to divert the chip exit into a large trash container?

A: Get yourself a dust collection system. 

What Take on This Product:

The model performs well and by and large has a long timeframe of realistic usability as it is a DEWALT item and they’re known for their quality. It can cut considerably thicker bits of materials and still work incredible thereafter, and in spite of being some additional cash than the DW735 model, it is clearly worth each penny. The model highlights additional tables which are particularly helpful for the individuals who need it when they have additional material which should be propped up or put away some place while the planer is accomplishing all the more cutting.

Closing, this is a well-performing yet exceptionally evaluated item that takes a ton of consideration and time to set up just as standard upkeep so as to keep it fit as a fiddle and doing incredible things. The blades included with the model are accounted for to be unsatisfactory, so it may merit putting resources into more when you buy the model to guarantee for an incredible cut. 

What is the Difference between Electric Hand Planer vs. Bench-top Thickness Planer?

Motor Construction

Compared to a bench –top thickness planer, the electric planer is usually powered by a 6-amp engine that is fit for conveying 34,000 slices for every moment to give you an adjusted and smoothed out a bit of wood. The twofold sided sharp edge conveys a slicing velocity of 17,000 rpm to give a perfect and even cut. The planer sharp edges are reversible and quite simple to-supplant.

Power Output

Unlike most of the bench top thickness planer, the engine power of electric planer is adequate for an assortment of carpentry employments. It has recently the ideal weight which makes it effectively compact and furthermore overwhelming enough to stay stable while utilizing it. The activity of this electric planer is truly direct; thus novices can likewise figure out how to utilize this tool effortlessly.

On the off chance that you are an expert, at that point this powerful tool will be an incredible expansion to your armory. It very well may be utilized inside just as on places of work without breaking a sweat.

Power and Durability

Everybody needs their planer to be powerful and solid, their responsibility is to cut materials and guarantee for an incredible outcome, having a powerful engine guarantees this. The powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM engine of bench top thickness planer can deal with heaps of bigger and more extensive materials cutting them effortlessly which is not so impressive when it comes to electric hand planners. This model additionally has a 10,000 RPM cutter-head speed, putting it significantly higher as we would like to think to different models accessible.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not cheap by any means, it’s really not a bad value for such a quality tool, and you can be sure that you’ll be pleased with its performance, ease of use, and durability over the long term.

The bottom line is, if you’re even halfway serious about your woodworking, a bench planer really is an amazing tool that once you buy a woodworking planer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

And lastly, if you have any feedback about our topic today please leave us a comment below.

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Milwaukee 2804-20 VS. 2704-20 Hammer Drill




Milwaukee has been making huge changes to their M18 series with the hammer drills being their most improved tools so far. Gen 2 and Gen 3 hammer drills have powerful upgrades including increased transmission speed and higher load-torque delivery becoming some of the market`s most preferred hammer drills. The original Milwaukee M18 hammer drills were over 8 inches long weighing up to 5lbs with a torque rating of just 725lbs. These were quite heavy and not suitable for tough projects especially treated concrete.

The company introduced the second generation which included the Milwaukee 2704-20 Hammer drill reviewed here, famous for its strong bit grip and rapid performance with 1/2 by 3-inch screws and drill bits. This hammer drill features an electric clutch, a metallic mode collar separate from the clutch and a side handle that made it easy to control. It is just 7.7 inches front to back and weighs 3.2 lbs., way lighter than the first generation.

The second generation has a torque rating of 1200in-lbs and speeds of 0-550/0-2000RPM and a hammering function speed of 0-32,000BPM. This made their hammer drills the most powerful drill in the market at the time. Professionals and DIYers still love it for its ease of use even on the toughest applications but Milwaukee went ahead to make further upgrades bringing their latest 3rd generation hammer drill.

Milwaukee 2804-20 is the most famous M18 3rd gen hammer drill in the market at the moment measuring just 6.9 inches front to back and weighing 3.2 lbs. It is more compact than the 2nd generation with a more powerful side handle. It also retains the electric clutch but the independent mode collar is removed as its function is integrated into the chuck. It is also rated at 1200in-lbs in torque with 0-2000RPM and 32000BPM speed ratings as the 2nd generation.

While some people prefer the power and sturdiness of the 2nd generation, some feel that the 3rd generation, compact and still powerful is way better. 2804-20 and 2704-20 are the best sellers of the M18 series but many DIYers and Professionals can`t really agree on the one best of the two. This is why we created a performance-based review to analyze the features and how each hammer drill performs on-site to help you make a choice.

Comparing Milwaukee 2804-20 to 2704-20 Hammer Drills

1. Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2804-20 Hammer Drill

This is one of Milwaukee`s latest introductions in the market, smaller, lighter but more powerful than the earlier generations of M18 hammer drills. It measures 6.9 inches front to back and weighs just 3.2lbs which make it easy to lift and operate just like a regular cordless drill. It also includes a strong side handle standing at 90 degrees to help control the torque at the bit especially at the beginning of driving.

This hammer drill is more compact thanks to the electric clutch which combines the functions for mode control as well as torque settings formerly handled by the independent mode collar in generation two. Some people complain about control problems with the electric clutch because it needs some time to get used to. This hammer drill, however, has better communication between the clutch, battery, and motor delivering a better finish than standard manual models.

It features an all-metal single-sleeve ratcheting chuck which still clamps sturdily on the bits. Its Powerstate motor plus Redlink intelligence also prevent overdrive and stripping of screws. The chuck has 14 settings plus the hammer function for accurate torque settings. It also features variable speed settings with a high torque setting of 0-550RPM and 0-2000RPM for fast driving and drilling applications. Its 1200lb Torque combined with high impact speed of 0-32000BPM allow it to drill through mortar and treated concrete better than earlier models.

The hammer drill has a slim rubberized handle that allows one-handed bit exchange and control. Its LED light is also located at the base of the hammer drill for better illumination of your workspace. It is also protected by a tough external casing that protects the hammer drill from the elements. The impact driver has 5-year warranty protection. It also uses the M18 battery system with higher productivity per charge than earlier battery models.


What you get with this hammer drill

  • 1 Fuel M18 2804-20 Hammer Drill
  • 1 side handle
  • 1 belt clip


  • Redlink tapping intelligence
  • It is light and compact
  • Metallic chuck with one-handed bit exchange
  • Strong all metallic chuck
  • 90-degree auxiliary handle


  • The electric clutch is hard to set
  • It is harder to balance with large batteries

2. Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2704-20 Hammer Drill



This is also a professional user-design hammer drill with a high torque and speed rating for the most demanding projects. It is part of Milwaukee`s second generationM18 Hammer Drills measuring 7.7 inches front to back and weighs 4.1lbs. It is also compact featuring a strong metallic chuck with one-handed bit exchange for easy operation. Its Chuck clamps have a strong grip on the bits and resistant to corrosion.

It has a brushless motor with Milwaukee`s screw tapping intelligence which helps prevent overload and overdrive. The motor technology has a higher transmission on load than the first-generation models and also lasts longer than brushed motor impact drivers. It is also made of premium metallic and silicon parts including the external casing to protect from the elements especially in an outdoor work environment.

This hammer drill has an independent mode collar with an electric clutch that makes speed and torque setting easy. It has three functional modes at 0-550RPM for high torque applications, 0-2000RPM for high-speed drill/drive applications and o-32000BPM hammering function speed for masonry applications. Its high torque of 1200in-lbs allows it to drill through brick and concrete with ease making it the right tool for your toughest projects.

It comes with an auxiliary handle to help you manage the vibrations that come with the giant torque. Its handle is also slim and rubberized to improve your grip when handling high speed and torque operations. Its LED light is located behind the chuck, bright enough although it lights with shadowy visibility, especially where lots of dirt is emitted.


What you get with this hammer drill

  • 1 Auxiliary handle
  • 1 M18 Milwaukee Fuel 2704-20 Hammer Drill
  • 1 belt clip


  • It has Redlink plus tapping intelligence
  • Four-pole brushless motor
  • Tough external casing
  • Separate mode collar
  • all metallic chuck with a strong bit grip


  • It weighs over 4.5lbs with batteries included
  • only 2 drive speed settings

Top FAQs

Q: Can this hammer drill drive 3-inch-long screws?

A:  Absolutely.

Q: Does it come with a case and batteries?

A:  No. This is a tool only purchase

Q: Is it compatible with Milwaukee M18 2AH batteries?

A:  Sure, but xc5.0 will give you the best results

Direct Comparison Between 2804-20 and 2704-20 Hammer drills


The no-load torque rating on both tools is 1200In lbs. Milwaukee 2804-20 has more improvements that give it an upper hand when handling tougher loads. It peaks in at a higher torque able to handle tough surfaces especially treated concrete better than 2704-20.


Both hammer drills are fitted with a variable speed trigger and three separate speed modes. You can set at 0-550RPM for high torque, 0-2000RPM, and 32000BPM hammering speed. At high speed, the bit grip is weaker on 2804-20 than 2704-20. Overload protection kicks in earlier on 2804-20 than 2704-20 when handling high load projects. Both tools have a high impact at the handle at top speed which makes the auxiliary handle a necessary addition on most demanding projects.

Clutch and Chuck

Both hammer drills have an electric chuck which has better communication with the motor than the regular manual clutch. The chucks have 14 settings plus the hammering function for accurate torque setting depending on the project you are handling. In 2704-20, the mode collar is separate from the clutch which makes setting and operating easier although it makes the hammer drill bulkier. The clutch for 2804 is smaller because it also acts as the mode setting collar. It is easier to handle once you understand it but it may be more stubborn for first-time users.

Size and weight

Milwaukee 2804-20 is probably the most compact hammer drill you will find measuring just 6.9 inches and weighing 3lbs. Its reduced size is because of the Milwaukee`s remodeling which reduced both the handle size and the head. The smaller head has poor balance when large batteries are used but it is easier to handle and also reduces fatigue to the user.

Milwaukee 2704-20 Is more similar to other hammer drills in the market measuring 7.7 inches front to back and weighing 4lbs without the batteries. Its balance with xc5.0 batteries is good making it easier to handle. Its weight with the batteries included is however higher reaching 4.5lbs which causes more fatigue to the user.

Final Note

Most professionals disagree on whether the earlier Milwaukee 2704-20 or the more recent 2804-20 hammer drill is the better tool for the job. The difference between the two is quite small and comes down to whether you love more convenience of setting or better control. 2804-20 is a great upgrade but it doesn’t necessarily root out the advantages enjoyed by those used to 2704-20. This review explains this difference and how each will affect your productivity when working on site.

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