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Best Marble Cutting Board Reviews



Cutting boards are part of everyone’s kitchens because of its uses. Some people use it the way it is intended to be. But there are also some people who use it for plating purposes, especially if that cutting board is made out of marble.

One of the easiest cutting boards to clean is marble because of how smooth the surface is. It is also very versatile because you can use it for plating your ham and cheeses during wine night with friends. But due to how marble is made, it can get damage, especially when using rough and hard knives. Fortunately, there are marble cutting boards that are made with an extra layer of protection to ensure that it will last long. Below are the top 5 best marble cutting board reviews that I did so you choose one that’s best for you.

Top 5 Best Marble Cutting Board Reviews

1. Sunpollo Cutting Board, Plastic Kitchen Chopping Board Set with Juice Groove

Sunpollo Cutting Board was a marble appearance design, which is quite similar to many of the cutting boards on the market today. Each package will give you three different sizes of cutting boards. This means that you can use this cutting board depending on the meals that you are preparing for the day.

One of the best things about Sunpollo Cutting Board is that it has an anti-skid design and hole designs where you can use it to hang the board. Dicing and slicing using this cutting board is easy, and will inevitably won’t splash the juice on your clothes. It’s easy to dry and very convenient to use any time of the day.

Another good thing about Sunpollo Cutting Board is that it is FDA approved, which means that it is environmentally friendly.


  • Provides one-year replacement
  • Amazing customer support
  • Marble design
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Does not take too much space


  • Issues with the knife’s markings


2. Kota Japan Premium Non-Stick Natural Marble Pastry Board Slab 12” x 16” With No-Slip Rubber Feet For Stability And To Protect Your Countertop

Kota Japan Premium Non-Stick cutting board has contrasting colors of veins that add style to your kitchen. You can actually display it on your kitchen to add style. Of course, you can also use this cutting board as a serving piece, which will surely look elegant on our table.

One of the best things about Kota Japan Premium Non-Stick cutting board is that it can keep the dough cool. You can use the cool dough for your pizza, cookie, and pastry. Of course, you can still put the dough inside the fridge so you can keep it cool and avoid sticking.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can also use as a serving piece
  • High-quality marble cutting board
  • Can be used to cool dough


  • Issues with the shipment


3. Neoflam 17” Plastic Cutting Board In Black Marble and Red – BPA Free, Non-Slip, Dishwasher Safe, Microban Antimicrobial Protection


Neoflam 17” Plastic Cutting Board which has a surface that’s polypropylene and is known as knife friendly. It is dishwasher safe, BPA free, odor resistant, stain resistant, durable, and non-porous. This cutting board has a double-sided feature, which features a non-slip edge and a juice groove. The cutting board will surely help you in preparing and cooking your food.

One of the best things about Neoflam 17” Plastic Cutting Board is that it is microbes antimicrobial. This will help make sure to avoid the spread of any harmful microbes. With the Neoflam 17” Plastic Cutting Board, you shouldn’t worry about anything because Neoflam is known for their outstanding quality and amazing designs.


  • Anti-Microbial
  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough for any of your cooking preparations
  • Lightweight


  • Knife marks


4. Sunpollo Kitchen Cutting Board (3 Pieces Set), Plastic Chopping Board Set With Juice Groove – Marble Appearance Design, Dishwasher Safe And BPA Free


Sunpollo Kitchen Cutting Board has a marble appearance which makes it a beautiful chopping board. This cutting board comes in three different sizes for different purposes.

One of the best things about Sunpollo Kitchen Cutting Board is that it has a unique juice groove design and an anti-skin. So you don’t have to worry about its stability when you are dicing and slicing. With the sizes of these cutting boards, you shouldn’t worry about anything because it can fit in your kitchen.

Another good thing about Sunpollo Kitchen Cutting Board is that its material is FDA approved. It can also be cleaned easily, and it is durable and safe. This also means that your cutting board will last for an extended period of time.


  • One year replacement for any defective areas
  • Customer support is friendly
  • FDA approved material
  • Marble design


  • Not that big


5. American Atelier Marble and Wood Rectangular Cutting Board


American Atelier cutting board will surely add a modern and fresh twist in your kitchen. The cutting board is made out of wood and marble, which means that you can also use this as a decorative piece in your kitchen.

One of the best things about American Atelier cutting board is that you can always use this as a cheese board. Or you can also put in some fruits if you want to serve some appetizers for your guests. This also means that this cutting board is not only for dicing and slicing but also for serving.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Perfect for bread, cheeses, and even fruits
  • High quality
  • 13 inches in length


  • A little heavy


Are Marble Cutting Boards Prone To Bacteria

One of the best things about marble cutting boards is that it is not as prone to developing bacteria, unlike other materials. The reason behind this is because some particles can be left in between the wood, which is dangerous as it can develop into bacteria. But when it comes to marble made cutting boards, that is almost impossible because of the smooth surface. If the cutting board is cleaned thoroughly every after use, then you shouldn’t worry about bacteria developing into your marble.

Are Marble Cutting Board Better Than Other Types Of Cutting Board

With the many types of cutting boards today, one of the best yet expensive is a marble cutting board. But despite its price, it is one of the easiest to maintain and clean. All you have to do is to wash it with soapy water and make sure to rinse is before letting it air dry.

Another reason why marble cutting boards are the best is that they don’t have the ability to get cut that easily, unlike other synthetic boards. This means that you don’t have to worry about any bacteria hiding in the gaps or cuts. If you are worried about sanitary, then marble cutting board would be the best option that you have.

Benefits Of Using A Marble Cutting Board

Very Durable

One of the benefits of a marble cutting board is that it is very durable. The reason behind this is because marbles are long lasting and hard materials. In fact, the toughness of a marble cutting board can even go beyond knives. Of course, when using a marble cutting board, you need to make sure that you’re cautious as the knife can get damage.

Easier To Clean

Another benefit of using a marble cutting board is that is is very easy to clean. You don’t need to use any special scrubs or anything you like. All you have to do is to have hot water with soap and soak it in there. Remove all the residue using your hand or a clean, soft cloth. Once done, you can air dry it just like what you do with your other kitchen utensils.

Resistant To Bacteria

Since a marble cutting board is non-porous and has a smooth surface, the raw meat’s or fish’s juices won’t be trapped into the layers of the board. The raw juices from both fish and meat have traces of blood and bacteria which can immediately multiply if you don’t clean them thoroughly.

Fortunately, there will be no juices that will be trapped in between the laters of the marble cutting boards since they are smooth. This means that deadly microorganisms will be prevented, including e. coli and salmonella.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Purchasing A Marble Cutting Board

Material Of The Marble Cutting Board

When choosing a marble cutting board, the first thing that you need to do is to choose something that is durable. The material should be hard, and it should last for a long time. Since you are going to use it with a knife, you need to make sure that it is more tough than the knife itself. Of course, you also need to take care of the knife, because it might get damaged when using a marble cutting board.

Size Of The Marble Cutting Board

The next thing that you need to consider would be the size of the cutting board itself. If you often cook and use the cutting board, then it would be best to choose 20 to 30 inches o space. But if you use it for small meal preparation only then 12 to 15 inches would be best.

Thickness Of The Marble Cutting Board

Typically, a marble cutting board is not that thick, but it would be best to get to most thick marble cutting board that you see on the market. Just like with the top 5 reviews above, you can find the thickest cutting board there that will surely cater to your needs. This will be more stable on the countertop, so you no longer have to put rubber mats or towels beneath the cutting board.

Aesthetics Of The Marble Cutting Board

As mentioned above with the reviews, there are cutting boards that you can use as a serving platter for your guest. You can put on cheese, crackers, and even fruits there. This means that if that is what you’re planning to do with your cutting board then make sure that it has the aesthetics that you want. A good quality marble cutting board will do. It may even have a different colored marble on the side or anything they like to add appeal.

Cost Of The Marble Cutting Board

As mentioned above, marble cutting boards are the most expensive type of cutting board. But of course, these marbled ones still come in different prices and quality, so always check the prices. The best thing that you can do is to determine your budget, so you know the price range of marble cutting board that you are looking for. Just make sure that you are not choosing the price before the quality because if you want a low-quality one, you will end up purchasing a new one.

Tips On Sanitizing A Marble Cutting Board

Cleaning the marble cutting board is easy as all you need is hot soapy water. You can submerge it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it and air drying it. If you want to make sure that you’re going to clean it thoroughly, you can run it into a dishwasher. That is of course if it is allowed to be in the dishwasher so always check with the manufacturer.

Once done, you can sanitize it by soaking the marble cutting board into a gallon of water with a chlorine-based bleach. You can leave it there for half an hour to an hour and then thoroughly rinse it. Once done, you can just air dry it afterward.

Also, besides the chlorine-based bleach, you can also use lemon or white vinegar to sanitize the marble cutting board.


With all these being said and with the above reviews on the best marble cutting board, you can already choose as to which one is the best for your cutting needs. Just make sure to follow the tips above so your cutting board will last for an extended period of time, and so you can make the most out of your money.

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How to Choose the Right Dishwasher




The modern kitchen is completely different from the kitchen 20 years ago. The evolution of technological progress leads to the fact that the same actions used to take way longer than now.

The slogan of progress is “better, more, faster”. If earlier a woman spent most of the day in the kitchen or doing household chores, then a modern woman can devote just about an hour or two to the same things.

A washing machine, an oven, an electric kettle, a microwave, a refrigerator, a blender – can we now imagine existence without these useful devices?

For the right choice of a dishwasher, we need to decide on the first question, why do we need it and whether it is needed at all. According to that chart, there are several reasons that motivate you to buy it:

  • saving personal time;
  • dishes can be done at any time, even when you are away from home;
  • no hot water required;
  • significant savings – water consumption with a dishwasher is reduced by 3, 5 or even more times, compared to washing dishes with hands;
  • the ability to use potent detergents that are not applicable when the dishes are washed by hand;
  • rinsing is carried out at a high temperature, which allows you to completely clean the surface of the dishes from detergents.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages, which may be important for you:

  • The price of a dishwasher. Each owner of the device will confirm that the purchase is worth it, but it’s up to you.
  • It takes up space. You need to think in advance about where to place another, not the smallest unit, and also with free access for loading/unloading dishes.
  • Power consumption of a dishwasher. This device is one of the most powerful among household appliances. The apartment or house must have reliable wiring. Typically, the machine has sensors that determine the number of dishes and even pollution. The device independently determines the need for water and energy. When connected to an external source of hot water, it is possible to significantly save electricity.
  • Dishes from some materials can’t be washed in it. These include metal (tin, aluminum, copper), heat-resistant dishes made of plastic, and wood.
  • Detergents for the dishwasher. Now you need to use chemicals for washing dishes.

Consider the size of the dishwasher

The right choice of the dishwasher can be determined first of all by size.

The standard size of the dishwasher holds from 10 to 13 sets of dishes. It is suitable for a family of 4-5 people. Such devices usually have several modes and functions.

The narrow dishwashers are designed to hold slightly less than 8-10 sets. Typically, devices save 10-15% of the budget. Many of these devices are offered by European manufacturers, such as Siemens, Bosch, Electrolux, and others;

There are also compact dishwashers that hold up to 8 sets of dishes. They are suitable for small families, as well as for small kitchens. Installed in a wall cabinet or on a table. However, before choosing a dishwasher of this type, you should know that it is endowed with the most minimal functionality, but it also is the most budgetary option. Suitable for families of up to 3 people. You can’t wash the pans and pots in such a device though.

Types of dishwashers

There are two types:

  • built-in;
  • freestanding.

Which dishwasher to choose from these two? It all depends on the capabilities of the kitchen space and your preferences regarding interior design. In any case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with both models. Embedded or built-in dishwashers are divided into fully and partially built-in, they differ in the location of the control panel.

An economical or powerful dishwasher?

The difficulty of the question is which dishwasher is better in choosing the type of power of the device. Manufacturers offer us as many as seven energy classes, which are usually represented by Latin letters from A to G. Class A is the most economical, and G represents the most powerful and energy-consuming devices. Usually, D – G dishwashers are old models or professional devices.

For reference, here are energy consumption standards by classes:

  1. “A” – 0.8-1.05 kWh / cycle;
  2. “B” – 1.06-1.09 kWh / cycle;
  3. “C” – 2-2.99 kWh / cycle.

Dishwasher functionality

Another important and most interesting question is the functionality of the device.

Standard features:

  • prewash;
  • washing with hot water and detergents;
  • rinse with detergent;
  • drying dishes with hot air.

More expensive models are equipped with several additional modes, which significantly increase the dishwasher capabilities:

  • intensive high-temperature washing up to 167 °F;
  • mode for washing fragile dishes 86-104 °F;
  • quick wash: rinse dishes immediately after eating not greasy liquid food.

Typical water consumption is about 3.6-4.4 gallons of water per 1 wash cycle.

Also, some models may be equipped with such functions:

  • filtration and self-cleaning system;
  • waste grinder;
  • child protection;
  • delayed start;
  • regulation of the height of the upper basket;
  • Aqua Stop;
  • partial load mode.

The dishwasher is connected to the water supply and to the sewage with special hoses. It is better than the distance to the sewage system does not exceed 5 ft.

Which dishwasher is better: built-in or free-standing

The built-in dishwasher disguises itself perfectly in furniture including a navigation panel so that the kitchen will amaze guests with its elegance and style.

What to consider when choosing a dishwasher in the store

When making a purchase, make sure that your choice is fully equipped.

The standard set of the built-in dishwasher includes:

  • dispenser;
  • front door;
  • bottom basket;
  • top basket;
  • air duct of the drying system;
  • lower sprayer;
  • top sprayer;
  • cutlery basket;
  • discharge pump;
  • filter.

After that, make sure that the device suits you according to its functionality:

  • the height of the baskets is adjustable, it will be useful for washing large dishes;
  • the ability to change the slope;
  • the presence of internal camera lighting;
  • the possibility of fixing the door;
  • heat exchanger;
  • additional removable spray nozzles;
  • the presence of a self-cleaning filter (significantly saves water);
  • stainless steel elements;
  • the presence of screw supports (if you have an uneven floor).

Dishwasher Care

A few little tips that will extend the life of the machine: clean the filter from time to time, sometimes wash baskets for dishes, use additional care products, and wipe the device.

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Top 10 Best Food Vacuum Sealers Reviews




o you just seem to have a thing for freezer-burnt meats and soggy salad? Tired of of having to rush against time to save your food from a bad case of mold? Maybe its time that you consider a vacuum sealer system. It’s like this ultra cool little machine that sucks air and really saves the day! Maybe you’re a meat-lover or even a hunter and you take pride in the freshness of your meat, this product is great for long-term storage of fresh game. A Vacuum Sealer System is also great for shorter term storage needs like deli meats and cheese. Maybe you’re the type who likes to save a few bucks a year and just can’t stand the thought of things going to waste. Well a Vacuum Sealer System is great for keeping food fresh for up to five times longer compared to traditional storage methods and as a result saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year! Variety is the spice of life and there are a many different vacuum sealer systems out there for you to get lost in possibilities but before you do that let me spare you the time and trouble.

Top 10 Best Food Vacuum Sealers Reviews

1. FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer


Going into the not-so-basic sealing needs, there is the FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer. This vacuum sealer features a manual operation for ease and precision, a convenient roll holder and bag cutter, an extra large removable drip tray for easy disposal, an extra-wide sealing strip to create a secure and air-tight seal, and the famous accessory port and vacuum hose for effective use with the optional seal canisters and saving major time in marinating foods in matter of minutes instead of hours.

2. Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer


Then there’s the Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System which features a one-touch operation that turns off automatically, a nifty roll storage compartment with bag cutter to keep you sealing and rolling, a switch to extend sealing time for easy adjustment to your wet or dry sealing needs, and also an override seal function to help protect your delicate meats during the sealing process.


3. Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer


Then there’s the Seal-a Meal FSSMSL0160-000! Despite the rather long product name, the Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealing system doesn’t take long at all to get the job done. As a great introduction to vacuum sealing, this compact unit has a straightforward design and operation and seals in seconds. It features a press/hold sealer system which puts you in total control of how tight or “not-tight” you want the seal to be. The Seal-a-Meal also comes with the removable drip tray for getting rid of the mess quick and easily and is quite fitting for most of your sealing needs.

4. FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System


Now we have the FoodSaver V3240 which features a space-saving vertical design to help keep your kitchen tidy, a simple, user-friendly manual operation with two vacuum speeds for your very specific sealing needs, a moist/dry food setting to give you the best sealing, the protection of the CrushFree instant seal that helps preserves even your most delicate of meats, and a very convenient roll holder and bag cutter to make sure you’re always suited and booted ready to take care of business!

5. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System


First off there’s the FoodSaver V4422 Vacuum Sealer System. This neat little hero is compact in size but does a big task of preserving everything from cookies and cheese to even your most delicate meats. It gives a Crushfree instant seal that protects your meats during the sealing process. It also comes with a dishwasher safe removable drip tray for easy disposal and cleaning of any excess liquids you’re left with. The FoodSaver V4422 also comes with an accessory port and hose vacuum which could be used for sealing canisters completely to ensure an air-tight seal and also for marinating foods in a matter of minutes instead of hours compared to other traditional methods!

6. VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Then you have the VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer which is also great for eliminating the waste of food by the bulk. The VP112 is also great for liquid-rich foods and helps keep your precious meats fresh for you to enjoy even months down the road!

7. VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Now there’s the VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum System which is slightly different in mechanics and technology giving you greater demand over soups, stews, and marinades. The VacMaster is able to reach higher levels of vacuuming power giving you the power to store liquids, fish and meats without a scent, thus allowing you to eliminate the waste of food by the bulk load!

8. VacMaster PRO260 Suction Vacuum Sealer

Next up is the VacMaster PRO260 Suction Vacuum Sealer which is big in functionality but not too bulky for home use. The PRO260 gives a double seal on each bag to ensure a complete and lasting seal that preserves your food up to five times longer. The unit features a double roll-dispenser system and two-way bag cutter that allows you to really cut to the chase with your sealing needs. It also features a marinating option to really infuse your food with the flavor you deserve!

9. Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System


Last but not least, you may even consider the Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System which features a powerful motor strong enough to handle your most daunting sealing needs, One-touch vacuum and instant seal buttons with a manual function to take on your delicate baked goods, a canister port for evacuating accessories. The V151 is unit that’s fairly easy to operate with LED indicator lights and also no hassle at all to clean and prepare for future use. Yes even this little guy knows how to get the job done!

10. FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

Next up is the FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe which is great for hunters and sportsmen alike. It features a hands-free, press and release operation that helps save game-meat and other foods, a built-in cutter and roll storage for ease and convenience, vacuum chambers to catch any overflow liquids, and also the accessory port and hose to use with optional canisters for a very air-tight seal.

So now that time is in your hands what more do you have to waste? You have the power to keep your meats, soups and other produce fresh for up to five times longer and save yourself from wasting money and wasting time. Make sure to stay stocked on bags to keep you rolling my friend! Good Luck!

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Best Womens Kitchen Cooking Aprons With Pockets Reviews




When you are busy in the kitchen, cooking, baking or merely microwaving dinner, the biggest time savers are your utensils being in your hands in an instant. That calls for pockets! Aprons without them are useless. The skill and craft of creating a delicious hot meal that contains 3 or 4 courses takes ambition and organization, so tie on an apron with the roomy pockets and turn into “un chef de cuisine!”

Top 10 Best Womens Kitchen Cooking Aprons With Pockets Reviews

1. Premium Kitchen Apron for Men and Women. Universal Size. Cooking Apron with Pockets and Guide Included on a Cotton Canvas.

Klicook Premium Kitchen Apron for Men and Women is universal in size. Huge front pocket can carry several tools. Small chest pocket perfect for your cell phone while you’re stirring or baking. Black with red trim is very attractive. Bonus feature is a removable cloth cooking guide that is velcroed to remind you of cooking temps, measuring conversions, and even includes quotes appreciated by cooks everywhere!

2. DII 100% Cotton, Printed Unisex Bib Chef Kitchen Apron, Adjustable Neck & Waist Ties, Front Pocket, Machine Washable, Perfect for Cooking, Baking, Barbecuing, & More – American Flag


DII 100% Cotton, Printed Unisex Bib Chef Kitchen Apron comes with adjustable neck and waist ties, extra large front pocket, and comes in 36 different designs: solid colors, American flag, skeleton bones, tie-dye, and a farm scene…just for fun!

3. Adjustable Bib Apron with Pockets – Extra Long Ties, Commercial Grade, Unisex – Black/White Pinstripe (33 x 27 Inches) – Homwe

HOME WE Adjustable Bib Apron with two side pockets and extra large front pocket includes extra-long ties, and is made of a commercial grade fabric to remain stain-proof. Unisex in design, this can be tied around the middle in front or back. Since aprons need constant laundering, this black and white striped fabric is fade proof.

4. DII 100% Cotton, Gourmet Chef Bib Apron, Unisex Restaurant Kitchen Apron, Adjustable Neck Strap & Waist Ties, Machine Washable, Perfect for Cooking, Baking, Barbecuing, & More – Tomato Red Stripe


DII 100% Cotton, Gourmet Chef Bib Apron is a Unisex Restaurant Kitchen Apron that comes in attractive solid and striped designs. These are part of their Gourmet Chef Aprons for the serious cook. You can even coordinate dishtowels, dish cloths, oven mitts and potholder sets ordered separately.

5. FAN LE Cherry Cupcake Multicolored Cotton Canvas Apron Women’s,Water-proof And Oil-Proof Apron Perfect For Home Baking or Cooking (Pink Ground With Flower Pattern)

FAN LE Cherry Cupcake Multicolored Cotton Canvas Apron Women’s is water-proof and oil-proof, ready to take on any kitchen task. This apron is perfect for home baking or cooking because of its special fabric. It is elegantly colored with a soft pink background and black-flowered designing.

6. Hyzrz Women’s Apron with Pockets, Black and Red

Hyzrz Women’s Apron with Pockets comes in a sassy black-and-red-colored design with gingham-style ties. Styled for a small to medium frame, it is reminiscent of a 1950’s diner without looking too dated. Cute ruffle around the neck, pockets are decorated with gingham bows at their tops.

7. Now Designs Basic Cotton Kitchen Chef’s Apron, Food Trucks

Now Designs Basic Cotton Kitchen Chef’s Apron comes in 28 designs in the same style apron. From a food trucks theme, to camp out theme, or an apron tree filled with peacocks! This chef’s apron is 6 inches wider than other aprons to provide multi-size fit. It is fitted with a huge front pocket to carry multiple items that you’ll require when making any meal.

8. Neoviva Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron for Women with Ruffles, White Ocean Collection


Neoviva Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron for Women with ruffles is named part of their White Ocean Collection. This apron is the dressed-up version of aprons. Three ruffles grace the hemline and are made for hand drying. Sized small enough for children up to plus-sizes. Beautiful red floral design on a white background, cute oval front pocket is accented with a bow. You will definitely receive compliments every time you cook in it!

9. Angeka Cotton Canvas Flirty Women’s Apron With Big Pocket In Front Used For Home Baking or Kitchen Cooking (Blue Style)

Angeka Cotton Canvas Flirty Women’s Apron with oversized pocket in front comes in 16 designs. Huge waist sash makes this resemble a dress, bringing elegance into your kitchen. Different floral brush strokes and colors make your choice fun to make when you pick the one perfect for you and your style!

10. ProChef Premium Bib Apron with Pockets for Women and Men – Stylish Black Apron with White Pinstripe 27 in x 31.5 in

ProChef Premium Bib Apron with Pockets for Women is a stylish black and white pinstripe which reminds you of a bistro server! With an adjustable bibbed neck, its lightweight fabric with an exclusive “Soil Release” coating, as well as “Wrinkle Guard” is durable and wears comfortably.

Considering most of these aprons have a similar price and quality, the DII Printed Unisex Bib Chef Kitchen Apron is one of the better choices for a kitchen apron. It is sturdy and has the most number of colors. It isn’t as pleasing to look at as Neoviva Kitchen Apron or the Angeka Flirty Women’s Apron, however, it offers the largest frontal pocket out of all the aprons mentioned, making it more useful.

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