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Best Cordless Remote Control Picture Lights Reviews



Choosing the best cordless remote control picture lights comes with its own set of challenges. From brightness to batteries you have to know what will work for you and why.

In our reviews, we break down exactly what to expect from each light, giving you all the information you need so you buy the right light for your needs.

1. Concept Lighting 302L Cordless LED Remote Control Picture Light, 18″, Antique Brass with Silver undertones

This provides a very bright light of up to 120 Lumens. An all metal housing and takes 8 C batteries, and 2 AAA batteries for the wireless remote. This light is fine on artwork as the LEDS give off no heat or harmful UV rays. You can expect to get around 80 hours of use on the brightest setting, or if you use it sparingly in 4-5 hour increments that goes up to 120 hours of use. The unit can be controlled from the wireless remote or from the unit itself. Mount it on your picture frame or wall with a very easy installation of either.


2. Cocoweb 16-inch Black Brass LED Tru-Slim Picture Light – SLED16BK

Rated with a 2700 Kelvin color temperature that matches natural sunlight. Your artwork is safe with this light. Clocking in at 450 lumens, this light can get very bright. The adjustable dimmer gives you the right amount of control for when you need it. This is a corded light, but installs easily to a wall or picture frame. The cord is around 10 feet long and comes with a remote as well.


3. Rite Lite LPL601XLDBZRC battery operated Super Bright LED Picture Light


This 13 inch wide light is capable of up to 70 lumens. It has a screw mount bracket and attaches to the wall, not the frame. Taking 3 AAA batteries, if you need a light that isn’t going to get a lot of use then this is a good choice. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself replacing the batteries very often under heavy use. The remote is wireless with a simple on/off function. There’s a dimmable switch located on the unit.


4. Concept 102L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light- 11 1/2 inch Antique Brass With Silver Undertones

This metal, batterie power light can last up to 150 hours of normal 4-5 hours of use. It’s 11.5″ wide and takes 4 D Batteries. It can extend between 3.5″ and 5.75″ out from the wall. The warm white SMD LEDS are dimmable and safe for artwork. No heat or harmful UV rays come from these LEDS. The remote can control mutliple units, so if you plan on getting a few that will come in handy. If you plan on mounting it to the picture frame keep in mind the batteries add some weight. It can mount to the wall as a better option. This is a great light for pictures up to 3 feet wide.


5. Cocoweb 30 inch Gold LED Tru-Slim Gallery Lamp – SLED30GD

This is a great light if you’re willing to shell out the extra money. It can get very bright at 650 lumens and the light itself is 30 inches wide. There is a dimmer that comes with this light, so you can adjust the brightness to your needs. The shade angle can also be adjusted as well, so configuring the light to how you like it is a breeze. Keep in mind this is a corded light which can be mounted to your wall or picture frame with an easy installation. Its gold finish can really tie a room together and is perfect for any artwork you because the LEDS are UV and mercury free.


6. Concept Lighting 103L Cordless LED Picture Light, 11.5-Inch

This black light is cordless and 11.5 inches wide. The warm white SMD LEDS are safe as they don’t give off any heat or UV rays. It takes 4 D batteries so you might want to mount it to the wall instead of your picture frame. It comes with a remote control as well and can control multiple lights.


7. LED Remote Control Picture Light Cordless –Light Antique Brass Hue – For pictures up to 3 feet wide- Safe for artwork – No UV and NO Heat – Solid Steel Frame 1.3 lbs – Dimmer included

This light has a solid steel from and weighs about 1.3 lbs. As is the standard for all the lights in our guide, this is UV and heat free, keeping your artwork safe from harm. It takes 4 D batteries and you can operate it with the remote control easily. The feature you might find neat is the 4 stage dimming capabilities. Adjust your light from the included remote with ease and to your liking. This lamp is ideal for pictures under 20 inches in width.


8. Concept Lighting 202L Cordless Remote Control LED Picture Light Antique Brass, Small

Compact in size, this is great for small frames because of its size(7 3/4″). It takes 3 C batteries and should last around 80 hours on the highest brightness. Expect more out of this light if you use it sparingly or in short durations. It comes with a remote control that can turn it on and off and dimm the light. You can mount it to your wall or picture frame itself with a very easy installation.


9. LED Remote Control Picture Light Cordless – Matte Black Finish – For pictures up to 3 feet wide- Safe for artwork – No UV and NO Heat – Solid Steel Frame 1.3 lbs – Dimmer included

This light shines in with up to 96 lumens. It comes equipped with a four stage dimmer, giving you control over just how much light you want. Get up to 100 hours of battery life out of this light, and more if you use it sparingly in 4-5 hour sessions. It takes 4 batteries making it a light you probably want mount into a wall instead of your frame. It’s 11.5 inches wide making it a good choice for pictures up to around 24 inches in width.


10. Concept Lighting 105L Cordless LED Picture Light, 11.5-Inch, Satin Nickel

Control multiple lights from one remote control. Each light is capable of up to 100 hours on the brightest setting. The warm wight SMD LEDS are safe for artwork and give off no UV or heat. It’s around 11.5 inches wide and can be mounted to the frame or your artwork. Keep in mind that because it takes 4 D batteries it can weigh down your picture. Expect up to 150 hours of use out of this light if you use it sparingly. It comes with a nice finish that will definitely complement any room you choose to use it in.



We’ve covered a lot of cordless remote control picture lights but the one that really stands out is Concept Lighting 302L Cordless LED Remote Control Picture Light, 18″, Antique Brass with Silver undertones.

It’s wider at 18 inches but works great even on smaller pieces of art because of its adjustable dimmer. It’s capable of up to 120 lumens so you can get a good variety of brightness with the dimmer, making it one of the most versatile cordless remote control picture lights.

Hooking it up to your frame or wall is very easy and can be done quickly. In 4-5hour increments you can expect this light to give you plenty of life, up 120 hours, and more if you use it sparingly. From the brightness to the beautiful design it will complement your room and picture nicely and will serve as a focal point when people walk in.

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5 Furniture Items You Must Have At Home




Creating a house feel like a home necessitates a great deal of planning and implementation when shifting to a new house or redeveloping an existing one. Designed to fill it with furniture is just one way to tie it all together. 


Furniture completes the design of our home. The importance of furniture is that it must take up the vast majority of space and make your home feel lived in and complete. Your home would have to provide comfort and add value to a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. We all know that we require furniture for our solace, storage, sitting, and relaxation.


Sticking to a budget can be difficult, but if you plan ahead by investing in the necessities first, you can reconsider your budget later to plan for the items you want rather than need. Here are some suggestions to get you started. It is also a good time to start looking for some new products, such as furniture and decor, for your new home. 


Here are the ideal furniture items you must have at home. 

  • Highly Comfortable Bed And Mattress


Determine the size of your new bed depending on the size of your bedroom. Most houses have a master bedroom, which is large enough to accommodate a queen or king-size bed. Consider a bunk bed or a loft-style bed if your children share a room. A twin or full-size bed will suffice if you have a spare bedroom. 


Then there’s memory foam, pillow top, as well as other extras that can significantly up the ante on your mattress. To find the most appropriate mattress for your needs, you should speak with a professional or conduct comprehensive research online.


A new bed is an excellent way to establish a comfortable, welcoming environment. A good night’s sleep is essential for optimal health and a good mood, so it’s no surprise that buying a comfortable mattress is at the top of our list. 


Since harsh winters are close enough, to ensure your bed is comfy and the room is cozy, you must keep your Central Heating Systems ready also, do not forget to check the functioning of the energy valve

  • Functional And Spacious Drawers


Coordinating your home is essential, and you won’t be able to accomplish this without some drawers. Drawers can be installed in any room of your home. However, the living room and bedroom are the most prevalent. Take into account which items, such as books, records, and personal possessions, may require special organization.


You can get a double-wall full extension drawer system by MAXAVE for your house. Maxave’s new double wall drawer collections are in a variety of lengths, colors, and personalizations. The double wall drawers can be easily installed and dismounted for simple adjustments. 

  • Get An Entertainment Center


Watching movies or watching the big game are popular pastimes that can be enhanced with a durable entertainment center. If you don’t want to have a full-size entertainment center against the wall in your living room, consider a television console. 


If you enjoy movies and media, nevertheless, a wonderful piece of entertainment furniture is a fantastic method for creating a place to store DVDs, remotes, and other electronic items.

  • Include Best Quality Chairs & Tables


A chair may not appear to be a necessary item, but if you have a family or intend to welcome guests, investing in a sofa or couch that is suitable for your space is critical. Tables are one of the most important pieces of equipment for eating, but they are also versatile furnishing items that can be used as a desk, craft table, and other purposes. 


Your dining room table is most probably one of the most used and gratefully received pieces of furniture in your home. And when it comes to comfort, Keekea chairs are a perfect choice. These chairs can complement any theme of your house and are super comfortable since they are made using cutting-edge machinery.

  • Most Suited Lighting


The perfect lighting can completely transform the appearance of your home, and it often comes down to simply choosing the right light bulbs. Lighting outside your home sets the tone for the entire environment. Outdoor lighting is very important since it determines the mood of guests as well as the people living in the house when they enter.  


VORLANE is an outdoor LED lights factory and its the perfect choice for outdoor LED lights at home These lights are widely trusted and can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. These outdoor led lights are environment-friendly as well and come with consistent lighting levels. 


Selecting furniture for your home is really a matter of what you want versus what you need. The list above must serve as a good starting point for the necessary furniture when you’re just getting started. 


After you’ve established the fundamentals, you can start thinking about more thrilling and attractive items that will aid in the creation of design ideas all across your home. Just remember to do your homework before making a purchase and set a reasonable budget to make certain you can afford to buy more items later on.

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Best Home Automation Devices




Home Automation Devices

Through the utilization of hubs, the best home automation systems on the market give homeowners an incredible level of control over all of the smart appliances within their homes.


To further optimize this safety and convenience, many of these hubs provide a one-stop spot for managing things like your internet, HVAC, lighting systems, and more.


Given how handy these devices can be, we have provided an overview of six of the leading home automation systems available to the modern consumer to separate wheat from the chaff.

Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Home System


  • It is a simple process to integrate with your other smart devices.
  • Lots of customization to support any smart or automated home.
  • It helps you conserve energy costs.
  • It works well with many other systems.

This particular app has a handful of handy abilities, like how it is a unified app for controlling every aspect of your home, including the security system.


Furthermore, it makes use of cutting-edge tech to give you an overview of where power is flowing within your home and by just how much. With that data, you can then assess which devices are drawing more power than you might like and then take action to balance out the energy costs.


The Wiser system is easy to install, modular, and can adapt to any user’s specific needs. Schneider assures its customers that all of their data and privacy are kept secure at all times.

Amazon Echo


  • Super compatible
  • Simple to set up and operate.
  • Optional, super-precise, voice command interface by way of Alexa.

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant interlinks with the company’s Echo automation network. Every device within the house can be integrated into Echo or Echo Dot, making it quite cost-effective. While networking is one feature, the omnidirectional microphone and speakers of Amazon Echo also mean that you can command it to control a device in a completely different room of the house using only your voice.

Google Nest Hub


  • Integrated with Google Services.
  • User interface is very user-friendly.
  • Vice commands are responsive.


  • Privacy concerns.
  • The screen is rather small.

Nest provides details on local goings-on, weather, traffic, and road conditions and can also be musically commanded. Nest Hub is notable for its appealing graphical interface, operated from a tablet. It also plays well with other smart systems within a home. The Nest Hub Max is Google’s largest controller for working with Nest and features a 10″ screen. Customers of Nest should know that police are freely able to access any and all data captured within Nest’s memory without having to obtain a warrant.

Wink Hub 2


  • Optional automated settings.
  • Great adaptability.


  • Some controls are restricted.
  • Subscription model.

This is a top-tier home automation system that can do a lot, as soon as you download the app and connect it to each and every one of your smart devices during setup. It features a notable “If Then, This/That” protocol for automated responses to things like detecting a fire or burglar.

Samsung’s SmartThings


  • Powerful backup battery.
  • Fully-automated system configuration.
  • Mobile app


  • Limited user experience.

Apple’s HomeKit


  • Greatly adaptable.
  • High-end hardware support.


  • It only interacts with Apple’s line of products.

If you are just concerned with Apple’s library of products, then HomeKit may be a fitting alternative. While HomeKit is less flexible than competitors, its integration with Siri pulls it far ahead of the pack. This is arguably the best choice for Apple homes.

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Why Memory Foam Mattress is the Best?




Foam Mattress

To buy a mattress gets overwhelming, as there are so many factors to consider. Everyone wishes to have a perfect mattress, which is capable of providing quality good night sleep. Markets have so many options and it gets hard to decide which route to take in order to get the best mattress. Thus, if you want to know the best suitable mattress for all, then the answer is memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress offers a winning combination of everything that helps you to sleep well. Here, are some astounding benefits of memory foam mattress and why it’s the best choice mattress.

  1. Durable and long-lasting– If you want to know about the mattress having the longest lifespan, then memory foam is one such mattress which have lifespan up to 20 years which is longest out of all the other mattresses. Buying mattress is a long-term investment, and it’s not recurring. Thus, while buying the mattress one of the most important parameters that comes in mind is its durability. Buying a traditional memory foam mattress promises you a lifespan of 20 years, the reason why they are so enduring is because they have no springs in their structure at all. Springs in the mattress wear out or break in a few years, and you need to replace your mattress early, this design is made without spring so you have no worries for any kind of wear and tear. Moreover, another best thing about memory foam is they keep their shape for many years, they don’t sag overtime compared to other mattresses due to their strong and flexible material. Thus, this means that you don’t have to replace your mattress for a long time, which actually saves a lot of money. To get the high-quality durable memory foam mattress, check for Serta’s mattress box in a score.
  2. It is comfortable and reduces pain

Another big reason to buy memory foam mattress is its comfortable design. It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from arthritis or joint pains. Most mattress comes with a soft top layer which provides minimal support in the places you need strength, whereas they are stiff at places where you need flexibility. But when you talk about memory foam mattress its top layer is designed to provide you with significant support to your back and other body parts, they are stiff as well as flexible so you get the benefit of both. It helps you to cope up with joint pains by providing maximum support to your joint and spine. This leads to less pressure on your body, and pleasant sleep experience. Thus, memory foam mattress can be your go to product if you are suffering from any kind of body pains, it promises to provide you with comfort you want.

  1. Temperature controlled– Many don’t know but your mattress has a lot to do with temperature. You must have experienced that some mattresses are warm in winter but unbearable hot in summer, that is they are unable to adjust with the outside climate. In contrast the memory foam mattress provides comfortable sleep by adjusting to outside temperature accordingly, that is it feels warm in winter and cool in summer. Especially, for winters memory foam mattress is best to be considered, and by supplementing it with cover you can get coolness in summer as well. Hence, this factor while buying a mattress is essential to consider otherwise your mattress won’t feel comfortable always.
  2. Promotes healthy sleep pattern

A big advantage of memory foam mattress is it helps you to sleep better and longer. This means that your body gets required rest to function, as sleep affects body and mind functioning directly. You get the restful sleep that lasts all night long. In addition, another plus point of memory foam mattress is it doesn’t transfer movement from one side of the bed to another. For instance, if your partner is changing the positions frequently while sleeping it won’t disrupt your sleep, as memory foam keeps a check of it by reducing motion transfer. This helps you to gain a better night’s sleep and you sleep deeper and longer without getting disturbed in middle. Some rare designs of mattress offer this benefit, and memory foam mattress is one of them.

  1. Good for all sleeping positions– Considering sleeping position while buying mattress is done by all and it’s necessary as well. But when you are buying a memory foam mattress then you don’t have to worry about your sleeping position, the mattress supports all kinds of sleeping position be it side, back or stomach. Its high resilient material is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions, as it can accommodate wide range of pressure patterns unlike any other mattress, and provides your body with equal support. Thus, you don’t have to worry about sleeping positions any more, all you need is a memory foam mattress which will support you with every position.
  2. Prevents allergies

Memory foam mattress is constructed with dense fibers of polyutherane. This type of material is highly resistant to allergies and common symptoms of it. It prevents molds, dust mites, pet dander from accumulating within the bed. As these allergens causes skin infections, if not paid attention, the memory foam mattress contributes fewer allergies at present, and helps to prevent emergency of allergy related symptoms for future. Moreover, many people have difficulty in sleeping due to allergic issues, so if you are one of them then considering to buy a memory foam mattress is just what you need.


The benefits of memory foam mattress are rare and you will hardly find them in any other mattress design. It’s a complete package of everything which promises you to provide the best comfort, and there is no other substitute for it. Moreover, the best part about memory foam mattress is it’s a good long-term investment, however its slightly expensive but whatever amount you pay is for your comfort. The mattress justifies its worth by offering these exemplary benefits, which you hardly find in any other mattress.

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